Yvonne Wolf

MA, makes Chinese and East Asian cultures relatable and understandable. Taiwan-born, educated in the US, she speaks English, Mandarin-Chinese, and Danish. www.chineseintercultural.com

Celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Hare

With Yvonne Wolf
The Hare is the fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle.

Chinese Garden Field Trip

With Yvonne Wolf
Appreciate the principles of garden aesthetics as defined by Confucianism and Daoism.

Chinese Symbolism and Protection

With Yvonne Wolf
Chinese art is full of symbols that often include butterflies, bats, flowers, and fruit. These designs are not only pleasing but also meaningful in the Chinese picture-based language.

Yin and Yang of Mindfulness

With Yvonne Wolf
The secular tradition of mindfulness in the West has its roots in Eastern religions and traditions.

Zen Tea Ceremony

With Yvonne Wolf
Experience the Zen of tea.