The Power of Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is subtle energy that exists behind all forms.
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Sacred geometry is subtle energy that exists behind all forms. It is a depiction of energy as seen from a very high level of consciousness. This consciousness exists as light fields. The first level is a spark of light, called markebas. Each spark inherently has inside itself the entire universe. Become informed about eight sacred geometry forms including the seed of life, tree of life, flower of life, and others.

Find out how to feel balanced, activate stagnant energy, correct energy that has gone off course, or protect yourself.

Become informed how to use it as a powerful tool for you and your loved ones. Change many situations before they become physical problems. Recognize core level geometrics common to traditions around the globe, what each of them mean, and how to successfully incorporate them into your everyday life. There will be the opportunity to ask questions.

Course 203123
Recording Time  2 Hours
Cost  $20.00, No refunds

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