Stretching the Fascia for Pain Relief

Embrace the power of myofascial release and discover a new level of physical freedom and vitality.
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Embrace the power of myofascial release and discover a new level of physical freedom and vitality. Fascia, a connective tissue that runs throughout your body, plays a crucial role in maintaining your overall physical health.

Specific stretching techniques that target your fascia can help you experience remarkable improvements in flexibility, pain reduction, range of motion, and overall wellbeing.

Drawing from her extensive knowledge and experience, Nicklas seamlessly combines carefully curated stretches with the transformative power of myofascial release techniques to revolutionize your everyday stretching routine. Enjoy easy to follow instructions specifically designed to target different areas of your body to achieve deeply effective releases and enhanced results.

Find relief whether you are an athlete who wants to improve performance, someone seeking relief from chronic pain, or simply wish to enhance your overall physical wellbeing. Gain invaluable insights and practical guidance to help you unlock your fascia, empowering you to live a more active life.

Stretching is optional, but if you would like to practice, wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and bring a yoga mat. Receive a free e-book to enhance self-care on your own.

ity to maintain stability and balance, known as homeostasis. When you are in homeostasis, your body naturally heals itself.

Join Dean as she demonstrates an intuitive energy scan on a volunteer from the group. Without prior knowledge, medical intuitive practitioners can detect variances in areas where the participant may have symptoms.

Discover another method to improve your health by understanding:

  1. Various levels of emotions and thoughts
  2. Organs and how they can be affected
  3. What you can do to support your health
  4. Energy scans and analyses

Unlock the science of the connection between your psychology and physiology, and supercharge your self-care to new levels.

Course 242136 | Live
Date Friday, July 26
Time 7:00 - 9:00 PM CT
Cost $40/35 payment 10 days in advance

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