Sacred Sound Healing Techniques

The gong and Himalayan bowls are sacred sound instruments used for healing, meditation, and the exploration of consciousness.
Course Number 211144

The gong and Himalayan bowls are sacred sound instruments used for healing, meditation, and the exploration of consciousness. Engage in an informative and hands-on experience whether you are a beginner, intermediate sound healing practitioner, or just merely curious. Explore several different types of sacred sound instruments combined with Tibetan teachings. Gain an overview of gong types and how to approach the gong and its tonal regions.

Become informed about the benefits the gong, Himalayan bowls, and Tingshas have on the body and mind.

Acquire an understanding of sacred geometry properties and how to incorporate them. Find out how to build vibrational constructs by layering octaves and using several techniques to enhance your playing.

Open to anyone who is merely interested in dynamic sacred sound healing techniques and their effects. A gong is not required however, if available please have a Himalayan bowl or tingshas to use during class.

Because of the current situation with the novel coronavirus, this course is available only on Zoom. After you register, you will be emailed a Zoom link closer to the time of the class. The course will also be recorded.

Course 211144 / 4 CEUs available
Date  Saturday, April 17
Time  1:00 - 5:00 PM
Cost  $65/55 payment 10 days in advance

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