Relating Chakras to Developmental Stages

Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms are golden opportunities.
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Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms are golden opportunities. Also known as handles, these symptoms are clues for you to know which karmic issues are holding you back and where to focus your efforts.

Expand your spiritual growth mindset as you correlate developmental stages to your energy centers or chakras. Discern where you are stuck and find ways to release those energies.

Improve your quality of life and achieve wellbeing and health as you:

  1. Achieve a deep meditative state with the HeartMath® breathing technique
  2. Recognize characteristics of the subconscious
  3. Connect your chronological age and likely issues that correspond to the development of each chakra
  4. Explore a variety of spiritual healing techniques

Dive deeply to access your subconscious without hypnosis. Conduct your inner work and better understand long-standing issues.

Course 232138 | Live | 3 CEUs
Date Sunday, July 23
Time 2:00 - 5:00 PM CST
Cost $50/40 payment 10 days in advance

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