Reengaging the Mind through the Body

No one is immune to the impacts of life and current events.
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No one is immune to the impacts of life and current events. As you navigate today’s world, you may find yourself in uncharted territory. Calm your mind and explore your inner space as you tune into the sensations in your body to overcome overthinking.

To establish a new routine or get back to an old one you are required to reconnect with your body. Rewire and re-pattern any habits and behaviors that are no longer serving you and break out of extended time spent in survival mode.

Discover the science behind nervous system regulation, movement for mental health, and body awareness.

Reconnect with yourself and reengage with the world around you. Access your inner sense of security to thrive and move through the world with confidence and ease.

Acquire tools to assist yourself or your clients to find balance and grounding through any times of uncertainty and distress.

Move on from old energy by moving through it. Anchor your mind in new routines rooted in rediscovered connection to your body.

Course 242135 | Live
Date Thursday, July 25
Time 7:00 - 9:00 PM CT
Cost $40/35 payment 10 days in advance