Raising Awareness of East Asian Cultures

Different cultural backgrounds can create unintended misunderstandings.
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Different cultural backgrounds can create unintended misunderstandings. Some ges­tures can be considered offensive in Asian cultures. Repeated misunderstandings can create discomfort and discourage relation­ship building.

Become more culturally sensi­tive to East Asian culture.

Raise your awareness of the nuances of cross-culture communication, and the impor­tance of words, actions, gestures, and body language.

As your awareness expands, you are invited to discuss, practice, and reflect on your own experiences.

Be introduced to some social science studies of Hofstede's cultural dimensions and Erin Meyer's cultural insights and studies. These studies often use terms to describe East Asian cultures as collectively oriented (vs. in­dividualist), hierarchal (vs. egalitarian), and low touch (vs. high touch). Apply these stud­ies so you can better reach out to East Asian cultures in your friendships, interactions, or at work to effectively build relationships.

Masks are not required at this time.

Course 222133 | Live | 6 CEUs available
Date Tuesdays, August 9, 16, 23
Time 7:00 - 9:00 PM CST
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