Personal & Spirtual Growth

Spiritual Card Reading

With Ana Roussev
Experience using a new generation of a card deck for spiritual guidance.

Angels & The Afterlife

With Sunny Dawn Johnston
Gain access to the tools, techniques, and practices to attune to the higher frequencies of the angelic and spiritual realms.

Attitude is Everything

With Joseph Shiel
It is said that attitude is everything in life.

Becoming A Garment of Isis

With Naomi Ozaniec
Enter into Egyptian ancient mysteries and encounter their living mysticism.

Communicating with Angels

With Jill Kempner
You have a team of angels that always surrounds you and is available to send you love.

Dream Messages

With Gino Crededio
Dreams are the messages of the soul to where important wisdom is found.

Engendering Self-Love

With Aline Hanle
Engendering self-love is one of the most important inner resources you can achieve.

Enneagram and Angels

With Rosemary Hurwitz
The Enneagram is a tool that creates self-awareness and uncovers patterns of behavior that subconsciously drive and motivate you to act in certain ways.

Expanding Self- Awareness

With Kerry Keller
Your growth of self-awareness is a process of expanding consciousness and revealing knowledge through sensations and perception.

Family Constellation with a Genesis Lens

With Granite Palombo-Amit
On any path, sacred texts are transformative tools beyond their literal interpretation that can propel you towards growth.

Journeying Towards Wholeness

With Christa MacKinnon
Use shamanic practices to connect with deeper layers of your Self, Spirit and Spiritual powers available to you.

Letting Go before the New Year

With Steven Fonso
Imagine for a moment that the very things that trigger you, feel traumatic, and are anchored in as toxically negative in your life are cleared.

Living Fearlessly

With Paul Zavagno
Imagine truly living your life in the profound reality that everything is okay and you are fearless.

Manifesting Inner Powers

With Linda Cowley Wilks
Delve into and access the powers possessed within you to manifest desires you may have thought were unattainable.

New Moon Astrology

With Stephanie Shea
The new moon phase is an introspective time that represents new beginnings to plant seeds for the future.

Reading Tarot Cards

With Vicki Noble
Develop an awareness of female-centered symbols and missing matriarchal history depicted by using a deck of Motherpeace tarot cards.

Road Map to Lifelong Love

With Maria Spears
By shining your light in the world, shifting your mindset, and having the right road map to love, you can find a partner who can love and cherish the authentic you.

Soul Gym: Working out Body, Mind & Spirit

With Darrell Jones
Take a journey of soul awakening and strengthening.

Soul Integration

With Joel Bruce Wallach
By grounding, re-scripting, and integrating parts of yourself and soul, you can live a more full-spectrum life.

Sparking Change

With Jennie Lee
It has been said that finding the right question is as important as finding its answer. Lee, author of Spark Change, writes, "Quality questions lead to quality answers.

The Path of Acceptance to Freedom

With Rosemary Altea
The path of acceptance gives you power and freedom. It enables you to choose freedom as your destination and future happiness.

Voice Versus Noise, Discerning the Truth

With Lisa Espinosa
Enhance your spiritual discernment to lead your life from your soul's voice of truth rather than your ego.

Wake Up Now to the True Nature Beyond Mind

With Stephan Bodian
As the great masters have been teaching for millennia, you do not suffer because of circumstances outside yourself, but because you believe the negative narratives concocted by your mind.

Working with Crystal energy & Angelic Assistance

With Kathryn Hudson
Consciously invite crystals into your life with a guided channel-opening exercise to create a clear connection between heaven and earth.

Yin and Yang of Mindfulness

With Yvonne Wolf
Even the secular tradition of mindfulness in the West owes its roots to Eastern religions and traditions.

Metaphorical Self: Shifting the Dimensions of Being

With Paul Kaye
Use metaphor to transfer or shift your dimension of being to create a healthier con­text or perception upon which new insights and understandings can emerge.

Reenergizing Relationships

With Sandy Hubert Gil
Vibrant and vital growth dynamics are inher­ent in your relationships.

Access Consciousness

With Danielle Rodenroth
You can become the master of your own consciousness and use it to reveal the mysteries of existence.

Empowering Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

With Judith Orloff
If you are an empath or a highly sensitive person, you can feel everything.

Gaze: Power of Focus

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Focused dynamic gaze combines the benefits of attentiveness with the benefits of meditation.

Mapping Soul Purpose

With Aline Hanle
The Intuitive Blueprint© is simultaneously a tool, process, powerful map, and compass for strengthening your mindset.

Meaningful Coincidences: Synchronicity and Serendipity

With Bernard Beitman
There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Mystical, Shamanic, and Practical Seeds for the New Year

With Denise Linn
Plant mystical seeds for the coming year.

Spiritual Healing

With Sandy Edwards
Scientific evidence proves that spiritual healing has positive results.

Understanding Ghosts & Spirit Entities

With Mary Marshall
If you have ever gone somewhere and felt an unknown presence, it may have been a ghost or an entity vying for your attention.

From Work Burnout to Breaking Free

With Deb Smolensky
Work burnout is not so much about the specifics of your job.

Forest Bathing

With Alyse Rynor
Take a break from the stresses of urban living to experience forest bathing, a relational practice that invites you to slow down and immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.