Personal & Spirtual Growth

12 Steps for Creating Sacred Space

With Jill Angelo
When your environment surrounds you in beauty and comfort.

Blueprints of the Soul

With Uma Girish
Stop wondering who you came here to be—your soul has the answers in your own blueprint.

Choose Joy

With Jeff Jones
Joy in life is always available and it is a choice worth making.

Conflict, Awareness, and Communication

With Torriente Toliver
There are three key skills you can leverage to calm an uncomfortable or threatening situation.

Intro to Soulmates and Twin Flames

With Patricia McNeilly
Understanding various types of spirit-level relationships between people can get confusing. Soulmates and twin flames both have profound connections, but they are very different.

Karmic Relief For Crazy Times

With Philip Goldberg
In crazy times like our turbulent present, daily life challenges even the best of us.

Mastering Life in the Fifth Dimension

With Maureen St. Germain
Life on Earth is shifting from the third into the fifth dimension.

Quantum Awakening

With Frani Rubens
Quantum awakening explores the mysterious deep-seated potential of awakening, unveiling, and navigating a personal journey to develop greater awareness and consciousness.

Shadow Work to Soothe the Soul

With Mary Mueller Shutan
Throughout you life, you may have experienced situations or circumstances that caused you to deny aspects of yourself, family, or peers.

The Direct Approach to Lasting Happiness and Peace

With Stephan Bodian
You do not have to meditate for years to experience the happiness and peace that the great spiritual traditions promise.

The Path to Wealth, Freedom, and Joy

With May McCarthy
Albert Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

Accessing the Feminine in Motherpeace Tarot

With Vicki Noble
Motherpeace cards, like traditional tarot cards, function as a powerful oracle for use individually or in groups.

Achieving ILLUMINATION in Daily Life

With Terres Unsoeld
According to Tama-Do, your soul lives in the sacred space of silence known as your aura.

Align and Protect Life-Force Energy

With Meredith Ruben Daniels
You are inundated with countless stressors on a daily basis.

Animal Companions’ Stories From Spirit

With Carol Schultz
When a special animal companion passes, it is an opportunity to pause and reflect on their purpose in your life.

Cultivating Angelic Wings of Wisdom

With Jill Kempner
You are loved beyond measure by your angels.

Divine Food: Cosmic Energy Nutrition

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Your healing path naturally requires foods that sustain and nourish your body, yet total nutrition comes from a broad spectrum of possibilities.

Embracing Shadow, A Treasure Hunt

With Nancy Levin
Shadow work is a powerful tool of self-awareness, self-reflection, and transformational healing.

Exploring Options for End-of-Life Care

With Catherine Durkin Robinson
Death is one of life’s greatest mysteries and a universal experience.

From Dark Night to Divine Union

With Elizabeth-Anne Stewart
When the Parliament of the World’s Religions convened in 1993, the introduction to its signature document, Towards a Global Ethic: An Initial Declaration began with a simple sentence, “The world is in agony.”

Great Awakening

With Lydia Van den Broeck
Your ego, in part, is an obsolete third dimension construct, waiting to be transformed and integrated into a higher vibrational state.

Photographic Journey into Tree Wisdom

With Atala Dorothy Toy
It is one thing to know that trees are wise beings, and another to be able to prove this.

Power Through Choice

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Pressure to follow others’ beliefs, failure to recognize your own truth, and falling into lower states of consciousness can be a source of frustration.

Quantum Spoon Bending

With Gene Ang
The concept of quantum energy is relatively new, complex, and not widely understood.

Releasing External Emotional Baggage

With Joel Bruce Wallach
When you feel affected by situations in your life, only some of those feelings and thoughts are your own.

Reparenting the Inner Child for Self-esteem

With Duduzile Noeleen Ngwenya
Heal your inner child when you change unhelpful habits, set emotional boundaries, and give yourself grace each time you make a mistake.

Sacred Alchemy

With Jacqueline L. Robinson
Women desire love, connection, and the expression of devotion.

Self-Care for Animal Caretakers

With Jill Angelo
Working and volunteering on behalf of the animal community brings countless rewards.

The work of Byron Katie

With Paul Zavagno
Widespread conflict appears in many aspects of life.

Thriving Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

With Shera Bucchianeri
As most highly sensitive people and empaths know, being out in the world can be a challenge, but it does not need to overwhelm you.

Time to Embrace Love

With Matt Kahn
Current events can generate uncertainty, confusion, and questions.

Uncovering Truth in Trapped Emotions

With Yana German
Trapped negative emotions can leave you feeling like a prisoner of your own life.

Aligning with the Power of the Unseen

With Sandra Anne Taylor
The unseen energetic world of universal abundance and spiritual assistance is a wellspring of unlimited manifestation.

Brain Training for Self-Mastery

With Randi Light
Whether you know it or not, your subconscious mind is a reservoir of hidden information that influences your behavior.

Einstein and The Wisdom of Silence

With David Ellzey
Be like Einstein and mystics throughout time.

Mysteries & Meanings of Healing

With Ellen Katz
Healing is the organic process of reconnecting with your wholeness.

Transformational Spiritual Awakening - 241150 - Live In-Person

With don Jose Ruiz & don Miguel Ruiz Jr
Infinity Foundation’s Spirit Award recipients don Jose Ruiz and don Miguel Ruiz Jr. combine their knowledge and experience to share their inheritance of Toltec life lessons.

Transformational Spiritual Awakening - 241151 -Zoom | Hybrid

With don Jose Ruiz & don Miguel Ruiz Jr
Infinity Foundation’s Spirit Award recipients don Jose Ruiz and don Miguel Ruiz Jr. combine their knowledge and experience to share their inheritance of Toltec life lessons.