Personal & Spirtual Growth

Accessing 5-D Consciousness

With Shauna Kalicki
Everything is energy.

Ancient Empowerment Strategies

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Employ aspects of three ancient strategies, Buddhism, Stoicism, and Taoism with empowered relevancy for your life challenges today.

Angels & The Afterlife

With Sunny Dawn Johnston
Gain access to the tools, techniques, and practices to attune to the higher frequencies of the angelic and spiritual realms.

Design a Thriving Life

With Marilù Mengoni & Aline Hanle
Gain simple yet transformative insights on how to design a thriving life with practical tools to move away from survival, fear, and limitations.

Energetic Self-Alignment

With Joel Bruce Wallach
This three-part series covers self-talk alignment to bring yourself into better balance, spinal energy alignment for subtle energy body balancing, and higher reality alignment to choose and embody realities.

Expanding Self- Awareness

With Kerry Keller
Your growth of self-awareness is a process of expanding consciousness and revealing knowledge through sensations and perception.

Family Constellations

With Barry Krost
Family Constellations help you discover how you can be entangled with the suffering that belongs to family members or ancestors

Great Love, Healing, and Awakening

With Rick Moss
Great love is unconditional.

Intro to Tarot Card Reading

With Theresa Reed
Change is inevitable.

Love is Everything

With Andrew Harvey
Expand your meaning of love into a radiant form of heart-opening expression.

Manifesting Inner Powers

With Linda Cowley Wilks
Delve into and access the powers possessed within you to manifest desires you may have thought were unattainable.

Sanctuary of the Heart

With Sarah McLean
The sanctuary of the heart is an intimate personal retreat guided by popular Hay House author, McLean.

Soul Integration

With Joel Bruce Wallach
By grounding, re-scripting, and integrating parts of yourself and soul, you can live a more full-spectrum life.

Sparking Change

With Jennie Lee
It has been said that finding the right question is as important as finding its answer. Lee, author of Spark Change, writes, "Quality questions lead to quality answers.

Spiritual Numerology

With Jules Bowery
Numerology is more than a form of chance divination.

The Path of Acceptance to Freedom

With Rosemary Altea
The path of acceptance gives you power and freedom. It enables you to choose freedom as your destination and future happiness.

The Path of Effortless Living

With David Ellzey
Effortless living requires skills of letting go, self-inquiry, and using sacred breathing of the ancients. Find out how to live free of effort.

Yin and Yang of Mindfulness

With Yvonne Wolf
The secular tradition of mindfulness in the West has its roots in Eastern religions and traditions.

Connecting with the Superconscious

With Jennifer Matthews
Discover how you can connect with your superconscious—also known as your Higher Self— to develop your intuition and manifest the life of your dreams.

Creating Epic Relationships

With Nancy Pickard
Saying “no” to someone you love can be challenging if your boundaries are not well-established.

Creating Harmonious Coherence

With Pallas Dame
Create coherence between your heart and your brain to enable it to effectively manage your body’s physiological and biological processes.

Embodying Sacred Feminine Power

With Emmi Mutale
Our ancestors recognized the sacred, powerful essence of all women and were in awe of their ability to create, birth, and sustain life.

Emotional Release without Words

With Claire Fontaine
Emotional build-up does not necessarily need to be resolved through talking or therapy.

Flight of the Dragons

With Angelo Thomas
Chosen by the angels to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth, spiritual beings known as dragons are here to assist you in your daily life and the ascension process.

Gaze: Power of Focus

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Focused dynamic gaze combines the benefits of attentiveness with the benefits of meditation.

Intro to the MAP Method™

With Shanthi Nadesalingam
Discover how your Superconscious can neutralize a stressful event using the MAP Method™

Mapping Soul Purpose

With Aline Hanle
The Intuitive Blueprint© is simultaneously a tool, process, powerful map, and compass for strengthening your mindset.

Mystery of Ascension

With Hazel Archer-Ginsberg
The longing of the human soul strives to move into ascension, which attunes all of life for cosmic expanse.

The Joy of being Gaian

With Michael Lindfield
The evolution of human consciousness can be viewed as a continuous, ever-expanding spiral journey that can provide progressive entry into greater states of wholeness, inclusiveness, and identity.

Meditation for Beginners

With Nancy Grace Marder
In these times of distraction, worry, uncertainty, and stress, there is no greater skill-set than meditation.

Sacred Keys of Archangel Metatron

With Alexandra Wenman
Discover how angelic technologies in the form of sacred geometry, symbols, colors, and sounds are gateways to higher wisdom.

Expanding Spiritual Consciousness

With Christine Sonnen
Every soul has a purpose and is here on a personal and/or for a global mission.

Future, Past Life and Spirit Realm Journeys

With Susan Wisehart
Journeys are powerful experiences that deepen the understanding of your life purpose, talents, and soul lessons.

Manifesting with Crystal Grids

With Jeannie Sullivan
Crystal grids are an incredibly powerful and beautiful way to manifest your dreams, goals, and intentions.

Rediscovering the Mind-Body Connection

With Erica Hornthal
You might be familiar with the idea of the mind-body connection, yet it can feel difficult to access.

Relief from Struggles

With Ellen Katz
You may find yourself struggling with an inner battle in your life.