Personal & Spirtual Growth

Embodying Sacred Connections

With Eben Alexander and Karen Newell
If you have been feeling frustrated, confused, or hopeless about the state of our world, join Alexander as he shares his amazing “wisdom answers” to propel you to rise above distractions and interferences that block your wholeness, healing, and higher soul development.

Conversing about Race in America

With Gregory J Evans
Americans, more than ever, are becoming aware that racism still exists despite the fact that you were told that you live in a post-racial America.

Harnessing the Power of Egyptian Hieroglyphics

With Normandi Ellis
Words are powerful and operate on many levels through sound and symbols. Explore how to use hieroglyphics and apply them with meditation, divination, and dream work.

Experiencing Time Travel

With Von Braschler
Time remains the most misunderstood and mystical dimension in life. There never seems to be enough time, yet often it seems to drag by too slowly.

Advanced Spiritual Card Reading

With Ana Roussev
Experience using a new generation of a card deck for spiritual guidance.

SOLD OUT Intro to Selfistry: The Art of Self-Care

With Sarah Marshank
Aligning with yourself and taking care of yourself may seem selfish but it is one of the most important things you can do.

The Power of Sacred Geometry

With Atala Toy
Sacred geometry is subtle energy that exists behind all forms.

Building Financial Security

With Ellen Rogin
The world economy is being impacted by the pandemic and financial/economic outcomes are uncertain.

Creating Sacred Space for the Home or Office

With Jill Angelo
As you navigate COVID-19, your home has never been more important as a source of refuge, inspiration, and peace.

Chinese Symbolism and Protection

With Yvonne Wolf
Chinese art is full of symbols that often include butterflies, bats, flowers, and fruit. These designs are not only pleasing but also meaningful in the Chinese picture-based language.

Astrological Reasons for Crisis

With Dave Birr
The current crisis in American culture is clearly visible from outer planet astrology transit timing cycles to the chart of the United States.

The Power of the Chinese Zodiac

With Yvonne Wolf
The Chinese zodiac repeats a cycle every 12 years. Each year is represented by an animal and its reputed attributes.

From Fear to Clarity

With Cassandra Bodzak
The ongoing uncertainty of how the novel coronavirus pandemic will affect your life is on a continuum as outbreaks peak and flatten.

Radical Regeneration

With Andrew Harvey
Since the pandemic began, you may have been wondering what deeper meanings are behind the global health crisis. It has become undeniably clear that there is an urgent need for profound healing, on a personal level and for the entire planet.

Past Life and Life Between Lives Regression

With Susan Wisehart
Life between Lives hypnotherapy is a methodology developed by Dr. Michael Newton.

Intro to Animal Communication

With Carol Schultz
Telepathic animal communication is a natural and complete way of communication exchange between all living beings.

Intergrating the New Now

With Frani Rubens
In this strange chapter of the Earth’s history, the world continues to be in a momentous transformational process.

Clarifying a New Life Purpose

With Ellen Katz
When you choose a moment in time to pause, self-reflect, and listen to the voice within, you can become one with a wise, loving witness in your life.

Celebrating the Chinese Year of the Ox

With Laurie Pawli
Set your strong intentions at a Chinese New Year celebration for 2021, the year of the Ox.

Resilience in Disruptive Times with Carolyn Baker

With Carolyn Baker
The year 2020 was a daunting and sometimes devastating year. People faced unprecedented challenges physically, economically, emotionally, environmentally, and spiritually.

Gaining Freedom with Forgiveness

With Christine Sonnen
Gain more inner peace and feel more energized through the process of forgiveness.