Personal & Spirtual Growth

Accessing Instinctual Intelligence

With Julia Paulette Hollenbery
Discover how to move from mind to body, logic to sensuality, and concepts or ideas into your own inner wisdom.

Atlantis and the Cycles of Time

With Marco M. Vigato
Find out about some key aspects of the his­torical and geological reality of Atlantis and its continuing influence around the world. Join Vigato, author of The Empires of Atlantis, to explore a general characterization of Atlantean civilization and culture through its three different ages and the role Atlantean survivors played in the rise of civilization after the end of the last Ice Age.

Attitude is Everything

With Joseph Shiel
It is said that attitude is everything in life.

Awakening to New Life Forces

With Daniela Christine Huber
Every person is assigned a personal tree of life based on their date of birth.

Becoming A Garment of Isis

With Naomi Ozaniec
Enter into Egyptian ancient mysteries and encounter their living mysticism.

Cultivating Fierce Compassion

With Sharon Salzberg
Compassion does not imply ducking your responsibilities or shirking your power.

Dive deeply into the Enneagram

With Rosemary Hurwitz
The Enneagram is a window into your soul that informs you about nine personality types.

Engendering Self-Love

With Aline Hanle
Engendering self-love is one of the most important inner resources you can achieve.

Finding Clarity in Uncertainty

With Ellen Katz
Living in an uncertain world has brought up the need for new navigation tools to live with grace and ease.

Practical Uses of the Chinese Zodiac

With Yvonne Wolf
The Chinese zodiac features 12 animal signs in this order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

Raising Awareness of East Asian Cultures

With Yvonne Wolf
Different cultural backgrounds can create unintended misunderstandings.

Road Map to Lifelong Love

With Maria Spears
By shining your light in the world, shifting your mindset, and having the right road map to love, you can find a partner who can love and cherish the authentic you.

Spiritual Manifesting

With Carleen Marie
A meditation practice is one of the strongest foundations for personal growth, increased awareness, and connectedness with spiritual dimensions.

The Dynamic Enneagram

With William Reed
Each Enneagram type provides necessary strengths and challenges in performance and relationships.

The Path of Alchemy

With Mark Stavish
Challenges can arise during certain spiritual practices which can cause stuckness in moving forward on your spiritual path.

Time Travel Through the Akashic Records

With Sandra Anne Taylor
The Akashic records are a powerful force in the world, a storehouse of inspiration, wisdom, discovery, and healing.

Tree of Life: Ancient Map of the Soul

With Megan Wagner
The Tree of Life is a universal path of psycho-spiritual awakening, integrating Kabbalah, chakras, depth psychology, archetypes, alchemy, and astrology.

Voice Versus Noise, Discerning the Truth

With Lisa Espinosa
Enhance your spiritual discernment to lead your life from your soul's voice of truth rather than your ego.

Hieroglyphic Dreaming

With Normandi Ellis
Gain compelling tools by accessing the hieroglyphic power found in sacred dream temples and texts of ancient Egypt.

Experiencing Guided Meditation

With Sharon West
Guided meditation is a very useful tool for relaxing and improving health.

Activating Energetic & Empowering Pathways

With Cyndi Dale
World changes have left all of us stressed—but also ready to propel forward to (finally) become the deep, soulful, extraordinarily, and mystically talented essence that you are and deserve to be.

Shaping the New Earth

With Frani Rubens
You are an essential part of shaping the new Earth.

Ancient DNA Reprogramming

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Your DNA patterns are ancient and go way beyond the patterns you associate with your family tree.

Animal Communication Mentoring

With Penelope Smith
Get your burning animal communication questions answered thoroughly by Smith, author of Animal Talk, who is known for il­luminating responses with deep, pithy, and humorous examples from her lifetime experi­ence of communicating with animals.

Intro to Lucid Dreaming

With Robert Waggoner
Throughout history, experienced lucid dreamers have used lucid dreaming as an expressway into greater spiritual develop­ment.

Metaphorical Self: Shifting the Dimensions of Being

With Paul Kaye
Use metaphor to transfer or shift your dimension of being to create a healthier con­text or perception upon which new insights and understandings can emerge.

Moving into Balance

With Lisa Glasser
Uncover the root cause of your emotional behaviors and reactions within your current patterns to move beyond mindfulness.

Reenergizing Relationships

With Sandy Hubert Gil
Vibrant and vital growth dynamics are inher­ent in your relationships.

Releasing Soul Agreements

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Many of the beliefs and assumptions you have about yourself, family, and reality itself may come from negative soul agreements.

The Secret Language of Animals

With Jesse Sternberg
Connect to your pet on their level without guessing or projecting about their behavioral quirks.

The Spiritual Purpose of Age

With Connie Zweig
With extended longevity comes the opportu­nity for extended personal growth and spiri­tual development.