Personal & Spirtual Growth

Attracting Joyful Relationships

With Lisa McCourt & Rob Mack
Love and joy are inextricably connected because they both describe your core essence.

Authentic Living with Feng Shui

With Bill Schwingel
Create sacred space in your home and attract the energy you want into your life.

Embracing the Wounded Healer’s Journey

With Cathy Skipper & Florian Birkmayer, MD
Approaching life from Carl Jung’s wounded healer perspective requires you to prioritize your healing journey.

Harness the Power of the Peaceful Warrior

With Dan Millman
Transform every facet of life into a meaningful path of peaceful personal evolution.

Living through Choices

With Leslie Sann
As soon as you choose something, you are in creation—whether you are consciously choosing it or not.

Past & Present Soul Connections

With Denise Linn
Your soul journey is unique to you. A part of you has lived in many different times and places on Earth— and beyond.

Secrets of Soulful Home Design

With Natalia Kaylin
Art, furniture, and the items of décor in your home tells your inner story.

Soul’s Journey to Wholeness

With Jeff Carreira
Mysterious realities exist beyond the ordinary. When you use your senses in conventional ways, you experience only the mundane.

The Science of Sound Healing

With Marian McNair
Discover the scientific underpinnings of sound healing with crystal bowls and vocals that resonate and create coherence in you.

Arcturian Perspectives on Ascension

With David Miller
The Arcturians, an extraterrestrial group, have a unique relationship with Earth.

Becoming a Kindness "Gangsta"

With Patrice Webb
When evolving into your best self, your mind is often the main struggle as you begin to change your behavior.

Care and Support for Highly Sensitive People

With Sandra Carey
Cultural awareness of neurodiverse and highly sensitive people is growing.

Communicating with Plant Spirits

With Holly Worton
Unlock the mystical connection between humans and plants. Explore communication with plant spirits to harness the wisdom of nature.

Communicating with the Animal Kingdom

With Penelope Smith
The ability to communicate with animals may begin with creatures you are comfortable with, such as cats and dogs.

Connecting Style with Energy

With Jennifer Koch
Style is about matching your inner vitality and your outer appearance.

Harmonizing Inner Alchemy

With Aline Hanle
Create a life filled with balance, stability and joy. Discern the divine masculine and divine feminine qualities within yourself.

Healing Ancestors & Family Patterns

With Steven Farmer
The experiences of your ancestors can affect and influence your genetic coding

Knowing with Higher Self connection

With Maureen J. St. Germain
There are three ways to make choices in any given situation: use knowledge and logic, follow your intuition, or tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self.

Linking Astrology & Botanicals

With Jemma Foster
Foster a dialogue with the intelligence of plants, elemental forces, and the planets with an immersive technique called phytogrammetry.

Masterful Living in the 5th Dimension

With Maureen J. St. Germain
Everyone experiences the fifth dimension (5D) from time to time, regardless of their awareness.

Reframing the Sacred Feminine

With Liz Childs Kelly
Acquire a baseline knowledge of spiritual principles associated with the Divine feminine.

Shifting from Autopilot to Intention

With AnnMarie Santamarina
Focused intention in your daily life creates space and energy to reclaim your power, reset a goal, or elevate your personal practice.

The Awe & Mystery of Death

With Catherine Durkin Robinson
Death is one of life’s greatest mysteries and a universal experience.

Family Constellations

With Barry Krost
Family Constellations help you discover how you can be entangled with the suffering that belongs to family members or ancestors.

Healing Heartbreak

With Allison Jayne Ewing
Discover the dynamic power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Navigating Lucid Dreams and Astral Dimensions

With Von Braschler
Enter a heightened state of conscious awareness to leave the body in vivid, colorful lucid dreams to explore the past and future for answers your inner spirit requires for personal growth and transformation in your endless life journey.

Releasing the Inner Critic

With Michael Meltzer
There is an inner voice that can criticize, shame, or judge your thoughts and actions.

Sedona Method of Letting Go

With David Ellzey
You are open and unbound awareness, however, life often challenges the direct experience of this Divine and timeless truth.

Seeding Unconditional Love

With Linda Jackson
Significant relationships and/or spiritual communities can be sources of unconditional love, acceptance, belonging, and connection.

Strategies for Singles

With Allison Jayne Ewing
Imagine embracing certain holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, with a newfound sense of empowerment, self-love, and resilience.

Connecting to the Wood-Wide Web

With Atala Dorothy Toy
Cycles of time and frequency express themselves throughout nature’s seasons.