Numerology and Soul Purpose

When you live your soul purpose, you allow Spirit to freely express through you.
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When you live your soul purpose, you allow Spirit to freely express through you. This free expression can result in you feeling fulfilled and satisfied. Your soul speaks to you through symbols such as numbers, colors, and images. Numbers are an easily accessible set of symbols that hold unique meanings.

Join Johnson in an interactive exploration of how numbers, and the energies they contain, are readily available for deepening spirit communication. When you notice number patterns such as 1111 or 3434, you may wonder about what that means, and why you often see recurring numbers. Be guided to discover meanings of each number that are natural and easy to remember.

Once you are aware of your purpose, identify ways you can express it. Gather additional insights as you find out about personality and personal year numbers. Participate in a neuroscience-based activity to help you integrate your soul purpose into your everyday life.

Through a variety of exercises, uncover your soul purpose to:

  1. Describe the energies associated with each number based on your natural environment, such as clocks or license plates
  2. Identify how number energies speak wisdom to you
  3. Uncover your essential nature number— personality characteristics that you developed easily and resonate as your essential nature
  4. Use numerology as an activator for your own intuitive guidance to strengthen your readings for yourself and others

Find out what your spirit is trying to experience through you. Experience fulfillment and embrace your extraordinary soul purpose.

Course 242157 | Live | 5.5 CEUs available
Date Saturday, September 28
Time 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM CT
Cost $100/90 payment 10 days in advance

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