Normandi Ellis

is a spiritualist minister, astrologer, and certified clairvoyant medium. Her 14 published books include the spiritual classic, Awakening Osiris. She offers classes and private consultations.

Ancient Mysteries of Egyptian Book of the Dead

With Normandi Ellis
The ancient Egyptian books about the afterlife such as, The Book of the Dead, and pyramid and coffin texts offered first the pharaoh, then all souls, a basic road map for maneuvering from this life to the next realm.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice & Seasons of Light

With Normandi Ellis
Nearly every sacred tradition celebrates the winter solstice as the return of the solar light and its physical and astral energies to the year.

Spiritual Journaling and the Oracle of Seshet

With Normandi Ellis
Seshet was the goddess who kept the Akashic records of the soul, offered the hieroglyphs for the hymns