Mel Doerr

has been a psychic his entire life. He assists police in criminal cases and missing persons. He has appeared on numerous local and national television shows and has done readings for many celebrities. Mel has a private practice.

Intuitive Canine Connections

With Mel Doerr
Increase your ability to develop an intuitive connection with your dog.

Intuitive Internal Guidance System

With Mel Doerr
Regardless of whether intuitive information you receive is crystal clear or foggy, it is there to support you in some way.

Intuitive Receptivity

With Mel Doerr
Discover levels of intuitive receptivity by tuning into the resonance you experience when going into an intuitive state.


With Mel Doerr
Mediumship—or channeling—is the process of communicating with spirits who are not currently inhabiting bodies.

Open Evening of Intuitive Readings

With Mel Doerr
Join Mel Doerr, a renowned psychic, for a fun, spontaneous, open evening of intuitive readings.

Psychic Empowerment

With Mel Doerr
When your gut tells you to do something, or you get an intuitive flash, you may ignore it.