Mel Doerr

has been a psychic his entire life. He assists police in criminal cases and missing persons. He has appeared on numerous local and national television shows and has done readings for many celebrities. Mel has a private practice.

Astral Mind Projection

With Mel Doerr
When you think of someone and they think of you, it is an intuitive function of mental astral projection.

Canceled due to Illness Spiritual Channeling Intensive

With Mel Doerr
Spiritual channeling takes you beyond the physical world to make contact with the spiritual realm—where your guides and angels reside.

Intuitive Dreams

With Mel Doerr
Imagine picking up your journal, opening it at random to a dream you had a few months or even years ago, only to have your jaw drop as you read about the particular life situation you find yourself in at that very moment down to minute details—leaving no room for random chance or coincidence.

Intuitive Internal Guidance System

With Mel Doerr
Regardless of whether intuitive information you receive is crystal clear or foggy, it is there to support you in some way.

Open Evening of Intuitive Readings

With Mel Doerr
Join Mel Doerr, a renowned psychic, for a fun, spontaneous, open evening of intuitive readings.


With Mel Doerr
Psychometry is intuition through touching an object.