Medical Intuitive Training

Tap into your innate natural intuition and go beyond sharing your perceptions with your clients—give them your perspective as a medical intuitive.
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Tap into your innate natural intuition and go beyond sharing your perceptions with your clients—give them your perspective as a medical intuitive. Bridge your current skills with fresh information and education to become a more powerful and confident healer.

Notice differences in the very subtle energy patterns within your client’s body. Remove any fears or worries and replace them with the joy of understanding your skills and the spirit realms.

Medical practitioners, energy healers, practicing psychics and mediums, clients, and any lay person seeking to develop their intuitive abilities can benefit from this informative experiential. Find out how to guide clients into wellbeing using specific healing methods. Gain new perspectives with the eight causes of illness or life struggles. Use specific steps to bring relief to your clients. Engage your client in their own healing on physical and nonphysical levels to maintain a more profound improvement.

Gather in-depth knowledge as you:

  1. Gain step-by-step intuitive development to sense and see the entire person on the physical, energetic, and spiritual levels
  2. Understand the electromagnetic energy of thought and emotion and how energy creates health or illness and life struggles
  3. Acquire the exact steps to perceive the external human aura, as well as the internal human body (with client permission) to discover exact details regarding each area of your client’s body
  4. Develop a working team of the highest-level spirit guides; discuss and learn details about the positive and negative spirit realms and how to immediately identify the positive from the negative; confidently lead your spiritual team and direct them in healing; and become skilled in new ways to protect yourself

Experience a balance of new content and hands-on practice. Develop new skills for detailed accuracy and confidence with several practice sessions to scan the human body and aura.

Participants will receive 16 handouts and a Certificate of Completion.

Please bring the following items to each class:
- Colored markers/pencils
- A journal/tablet to track your progress
- Three photographs with one living person in each photo.
The three living people should be someone you know personally and have information about their life and health.

Course 241144 | Live | 19 CEUs available
Date Friday, April 12, Saturday, April 13, Sunday April 14
Time 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST, lunch on your own
Cost $295/285 payment 10 days in advance

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