Massage, Revitalize, & Heal Chakras

Your chakras are the subtle energy version of your glands and organs.
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Your chakras are the subtle energy version of your glands and organs. These energy centers are the unifying link between your body, aura, and universal intelligence. Energy blocks and imbalances cause problems on all levels of the self. When your chakras function effectively, you receive healing benefits through universal alignment.

Chakras are little energy systems or universes. Connect with their cosmic essence to discover effective ways of healing. Find out how to rebalance your chakras for higher level functioning.

Explore techniques to experience unity with the Universe and oneness with your deep Divine essence through your chakras.

Scan your chakras to detect blocks, problems, and imbalances. Once detected, clear and energize your chakras to create inner and outer balance.

Activate and utilize your soul’s cosmic energy to accelerate your spiritual evolution through chakra awareness and healing.

Course 233176 | Zoom
REcording Date Thursday, February 15, 2024
Time Two Hours
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