Making Vibrational Adjustments

Everything is made of vibrations.
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Everything is made of vibrations. Also known as subtle energy, vibrations can affect your deeper awareness.

Work with an energetic frequency scale, a tool you use with intention. Imagine, draw, and detect higher-level vibrations. Sense and adjust energy to feel more comfortable in your body. Shift your energies on this scale to create balance and harmony between yourself and changing environments.

Explore nuances of raising and lowering frequencies for healing, balance, higher awareness, and calming.

Gain access to subtle healing shifts using your Divine-mind intentions. Discover how energy refers to different rates of vibration. Become an activate co-participant in creating a more harmonious world.

Course 232128 | Zoom
Recording Date Thursday, June 29, 2023
Time 2 Hours
Cost $18.00, no refunds

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