Lighting the Divine Spark Within

Deepen your connection to your own inner Divine spark, the clear light of reality, the Dharmakaya.
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“See through yourself and be free. See through the bubble of your separate self and be free in the ocean
of oneness-Being from which you’ve never been apart.”
~Lama Surya Das

Deepen your connection to your own inner Divine spark, the clear light of reality, the Dharmakaya. Practice and directly contemplate the timeless flame in the crystal palace of your heart cave. The higher power in the Buddhist tradition is pure presence, innate wakefulness, and awareness. Become a clear internal channel to enable yourself to connect and unify with others in the Divine Light.

Connect directly into the free and universal Buddha vision channel, organic intrinsic Buddha-nature, the clear Light within you. Discover your best side, best self, Higher Self, metaphorically represented as the Buddha within, the Godhead, the Christos as Jesus heart, safe and secure within your own heart center.

Join Das, bestselling author and meditation master, who is one of the most learned, experienced, and respected Buddhist teachers in the West. Be guided into Buddhist-style teachings and practices that are accessible, experiential, and relevant.

Tibetan Buddhism teaches that the rainbow Light body of total transcendence is the goal of tantric practice and the Mantrayana enlightenment tradition. Experience meditating on Divine Light, sacred sound, and each of the higher, transcendental awakenedness, including the senses of smell, taste, touch, and feel. Open your third eye and third ear, and stop overlooking the sacredness, delight, and miracles of every moment. Take yourself on a Divine Light mission to raise your energy and vibrations, and heal yourself while healing others. Reach a new level of inner knowing, peace, love, acceptance, and resilience.

Expand your mystical perspective with a newfound understanding of how your life is miraculous. Miracles are blessings available to you as you recognize the miracles of the present moment. Bring a renewed sense presence to awaken inwardly. Embody and enact that outwardly into the world. Be a Light in the world.

Find out the secret of saints and sages to heal, awaken, and illumine yourself and others, and rebalance the entire world and all in it as you:

  1. Identify limiting, self-destructive subconscious programming in your brain and replace it with empowering, success-generating habits quickly and easily
  2. Access the remarkable new science and neuro dharma discoveries of healing your mind, body, and Spirit through a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the interconnectedness of all things
  3. Use the extraordinary power of sounds you can make with your own voice to open and shift your energy in positive directions and enhance your creative power, vision, and foresight
  4. Deepen your intuition and special forms of spiritual mindsight, or awareness in the internal mindscape

See with and be seen by the Soul Light through your shining eyes. Explore the unified field through Oneness, beyond dualism or nothingness. Arrive at patient forbearance, the wisdom of letting go and letting be, of  allowing, and the sublime bliss and contentment of supreme inner peace and harmony. Expect everyday miracles!  Enliven and enlighten yourself, enlivening and enlightening the world.

Enhance your Divine spark of Light for healing. Move forward with more authentic presence and dignity on a captivating new path of awakening.

This immersion is for both new and experienced meditators. Some cushions are available if you would like to sit on the floor, but you may wish to bring your own cushion. Chairs are provided.

This course is available on Zoom and live in-person. You will be emailed a Zoom link closer to the time of the class. The course will be recorded and you will receive a link to watch it.

A block of rooms is reserved at Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel, 847-498-6500. Ask for the Infinity Foundation block of rooms. Reserve your room by May 31. There will be a free shuttle from the hotel to class each day. O’Hare is the closest airport.

Course 241162 | Live | Zoom | Hybrid | 10 CEUs available
Date Saturday, June 22, Sunday, June 23
Time 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM CST, lunch on your own
Cost $260/250 payment 10 days in advance

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