Forward Together: Family Acts of Kindness Project

COVID-19 has been extremely challenging on family life.
Course Number 211100

COVID-19 has  been extremely challenging on family life. The lack of social interaction and the inability to celebrate milestones, and the limitations on doing fun activities is impactful mentally and emotionally. Performing and sharing acts of kindness can alleviate these impacts by improving inner joy as a mindful, compassionate, and supportive way to help others.

Acts of kindness do not have to be grand gestures. They can be shown by helping someone, playing nicely with a sibling, doing household chores, sending a greeting card, or by being appreciative and/or acknowledging others. An act of kindness elicits gratitude and increases happiness and well-being, fosters better relationships, and even improves health. Something as simple as thanking a teacher or making a phone call or FaceTiming with a friend or a relative to check in on them can spark joy for others. While it is important to show compassion for others, it is equally important to treat yourself with kindness. A very small effort on your part can have huge, positive effects. It can make you smile and spread joy to others.

Forward Together is a family project to showcase our collective compassion and engender kindness by demonstrating an expression of it through any medium.

Participate by taking digital pictures, making a collage, drawing a picture, making a sign, painting kindness phrases on stones to leave on a park path, or any other creative endeavor you and/or your family may wish to express. The project is intended to give families an opportunity to understand and recognize the importance that acts of kindness can have for oneself and others. Move positively forward together with more happiness and contribute to creating a more loving, kind, and compassionate community and world. Acts of kindness develop virtuous feelings, a greater sense of purpose beyond oneself, and inspire a deeper understanding of altruism, empathy, and family togetherness.

Please submit any creative act of kindness endeavor by emailing a digital picture or an MP4 video of it. For example, it can be your family having fun together, playing with a sibling, hugging, taking a picture of a sign in your yard that supports essential workers, or recording a story. It can be a drawing or a written story of an act of kindness that was shown. All acts of kindness count!

Please email your submission by April 5, 2021 to Please include a couple of sentences describing what the act of kindness is expressing in your submission. Please include your name(s) and age(s).

Everyone who makes a submission will receive an act of kindness bracelet for themselves, and one to pass on to another person to keep the act of kindness moving forward. The grand prize will be an ice-cream party for your family at your home. Prizes are only available to people living in the United States, however, entries from anywhere in the world are welcome.

All submissions will be combined into a slide show and posted on Infinity's website and Facebook.

Course 211100        Due Date  April 5          Cost  FREE


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