Kabbalistic Healing

Nondual Kabbalistic healing is a path of awakening and a practice of healing.
Course Number 203146

Nondual Kabbalistic healing is a path of awakening and a practice of healing. Enter into the human journey toward wholeness through a cognitive and experiential exploration of the Kabbalistic Universes. These universes serve as a map of the transformation of the ego personality, feelings of separateness to realizing the interconnectedness to the web of life—or some would say God.

Become informed with a spiritual perspective that views the human ego as a vehicle for healing and awakening. This opens you to a joyful and spirit-filled life. Experience short Kabbalistic healing meditations to gain a sense of Oneness.

Use simple meditation practices to anchor in connecting to and receiving Kabbalistic healing.

Raise your awareness to being inclusive. Not getting rid of—or purifying aspects of the ego—is in fact enlightening and creates a deep sense of wholeness. Kabbalistic healing improves your relationship with yourself and others emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Because of the current situation with the novel coronavirus, this course is only available on Zoom. You will be emailed a Zoom  link closer to the time of the class. The course will also be recorded.

Course 203146
Date  Thursdays, January 21, 28
Time  7:00 - 9:00 PM
Cost  $50/40 payment 10 days in advance

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