Joel Bruce Wallach

offers soul healing energy work consultations that have helped clients discover customized step-by-step techniques for integrated transformation. He invented the Powerforms Subtle Energy Tools. He has a private practice.

Power Through Choice

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Pressure to follow others’ beliefs, failure to recognize your own truth, and falling into lower states of consciousness can be a source of frustration.

Regenerate & Enliven Cells & Glands

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Your cells are tiny powerhouses that can be affected by your thoughts and feelings, and unfortunately, toxins.

Releasing External Emotional Baggage

With Joel Bruce Wallach
When you feel affected by situations in your life, only some of those feelings and thoughts are your own.

Releasing Negative Influences

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Be empowered to focus your consciousness more effectively to release toxic influences from your body, mind, and energy field.

Releasing Soul Agreements

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Many of the beliefs and assumptions you have about yourself, family, and reality itself may come from negative soul agreements.

Steps to Mystical Experiences

With Joel Bruce Wallach
A mystical experience may sound lofty and hard to consider.