Joel Bruce Wallach

offers soul healing energy work consultations that have helped clients discover customized step-by-step techniques for integrated transformation. He invented the Powerforms Subtle Energy Tools. He has a private practice.

Activating the Primal Core Energy

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Your core self is pure cosmic energy, and its primal power is the same Divine energy that fills the universe.

Ancient DNA Reprogramming

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Your DNA patterns are ancient and go way beyond the patterns you associate with your family tree.

Aura Pulse Balancing

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Experience new ways to use your healing energy hands to transform and integrate your multidimensional energy bodies.

Cleanse & Clear Controlling Energies

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Objective empowerment requires seeing both positive and negative inputs.

Deactivate the Auto-Pilot Energy Fence

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Different energies affect your mental clarity that can limit your ability to know your own truth and deeper spiritual identity.

Divine Food: Cosmic Energy Nutrition

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Your healing path naturally requires foods that sustain and nourish your body, yet total nutrition comes from a broad spectrum of possibilities.