Joel Bruce Wallach

has, since 1985, offered soul healing energy work consultations that have helped clients discover customized step-by-step techniques for integrated transformation. He invented the Powerforms Subtle Energy Tools, which have helped people around the world balance and cleanse their energy.

Aura Pulse Balancing

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Experience new ways to use your healing energy hands to transform and integrate your multidimensional energy bodies.

Releasing Negative Influences

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Be empowered to focus your consciousness more effectively to release toxic influences from your body, mind, and energy field.

Taking Energetic Command for Healing

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Access critical moments in your soul’s history and transform stuck patterns that echo into the present.

Unique Soul Identity

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Many people want to define you with limiting categories such as gender, race, nationality, religion, politics, or lifestyle.