Intuitive Development

An Intimate Night with Spirit SOLD OUT

With Thomas John
Join Thomas John, a psychic medium, who is internationally regarded as a psychic sensation, for an insightful and lively night with readings from Spirit.

Connecting to Gemstone Consciousness

With Erin Sikopoulos
You can perceive potent gemstone energy from anywhere in the world.

Increasing Psychic Abilities

With Linda Mackenzie
Achieve maximum psychic power that has minimal negative impact and karmic effects.

Messages from Beyond: Automatic Writing

With Cristen Grajeda
Our loved ones who have passed on are always near and communicating in the most beautiful ways.

Recognizing Signs from the Other Side

With Thomas John
Your loved ones in Spirit want to guide and help you.

Connecting to Higher Self: Automatic Writing

With Cristen Grajeda
Your Higher Self is always ready to connect with you