Intuitive Development

An Intimate Night with Spirit

With Thomas John
Join Thomas John, a psychic medium, who is internationally regarded as a psychic sensation, for an insightful and lively night with readings from Spirit.

Messages from Spirit with Portraits - Live

With Joseph Shiel
Watch with amazement as portraits are drawn from loved ones who have passed over.

Unlocking the Secrets to Mediumship

With Thomas John
Further your existing psychic and medium abilities for readings for other people.

Connecting to the Spirit World

With Rosemary Altea
Sometimes connecting to the Spirit world feels elusive but opening the pathway to it can increase your intuitive abilities.

Heart-Centered Intuition

With Sonia Tully
A problem with all the noise in your life is that it blocks you from you and that is where your real power is.

Opening to Intuition

With Aline Hanle
When you make a decision but have a funny feeling in your gut, you may question if it is the right decision.

Spiritual Channeling

With Laurene Camacho
Spiritual channeling takes you beyond the physical world to make contact with the spiritual realm—where your guides and angels reside.