Intuitive Development

Intuitive Dreams

With Mel Doerr
Imagine picking up your journal, opening it at random to a dream you had a few months or even years ago, only to have your jaw drop as you read about the particular life situation you find yourself in at that very moment down to minute details—leaving no room for random chance or coincidence.


With Mel Doerr
Mediumship—or channeling—is the process of communicating with spirits who are not currently inhabiting bodies.

Intuitive Discernment

With Mel Doerr
Receiving intuition can sometimes be confusing.

Intuitive Creativity with Joseph Shiel

With Joseph Shiel
You hold the shining flame of creation within the depths of your heart.

A Night with Spirit with Thomas John

With Thomas John
Join Thomas John, a psychic medium who is internationally regarded as a psychic sensation, for an insightful and lively night with readings from Spirit.