Intro to Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is also known as conscious relaxation or yoga sleep.
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Yoga nidra is also known as conscious relaxation or yoga sleep. Become informed about five different systems of yoga sleep.  Experience the rotation of consciousness, an essential step in the yoga nidra practice.

Yoga nidra relaxes you more than other relaxation techniques. Neuropsychology has revealed that yogic sleep has a positive effect on your brain, body, and entire physiology. It calms thoughts and improves concentration. It also improves memory and learning ability.

Yoga nidra promotes deep rest and relaxation. The stages of body scan and breath awareness can be practiced to calm the nervous system which leads to less stress and better health.

Yoga nidra is a practice that everyone, from children to seniors, can do. All that is required from  your body is lie down on the floor. If you cannot lie down on the floor, you can do this practice seated. Ample time is given for experience and to begin your practice.

This course is available on Zoom. You will be emailed a Zoom link closer to the time of the class. The course will be recorded and you will receive a link to watch it.

Course 221138 | Zoom | 3 CEUs available
Date  Sunday, March 27
Time  9:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST
Cost  $55/45 payment 10 days in advance

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