Holographic Memory Resolution Training Levels ONE & TWO - Date Level One - 211124

Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) works with stress, anxiety, “small t” trauma, “Big T” Trauma, and all experiences that you, with your level of empathic awareness and boundary sensitivity, may have encoded during your sojourn on Earth.
Course Number 211124

Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) works with stress, anxiety, “small t” trauma, “Big T” Trauma, and all experiences that you, with your level of empathic awareness and boundary sensitivity, may have encoded during your sojourn on Earth.

The foundation for the complete integration of traumatic experiences resides in the capacity to fully integrate the “T-1” millisecond where consciousness itself is paused at overwhelming moments. Without the integration of these key moments, the capacity to fully integrate the emotional, wounded parts created by complex trauma imprinting is not possible. Your personal, spiritual, physical, and mental health can be greatly enhanced by freeing yourself from these frozen moments of consciousness.

Level One
Level One training in HMR is designed for you to learn the basics of trauma imprinting and techniques for resolution as applied to “level 1” or single event stress and trauma imprinting in the psyche. HMR is applicable for personal healing and spiritual growth to improve your parenting skills, educational awareness of trauma—or professionally—to expand an existing practice. Gain a practical understanding of the dynamics and the breakthroughs that enable the emotional reframing of stressful and traumatic experiences. Awaken to the profound impact of trauma on personal and collective evolution. Understand the principles of trauma induction and storage in your body-mind. Gain methods for safe access to memory without abreaction or re-live. Use clean language principles for gently accessing and reframing memories, and breakthroughs that support the successful emotional reframing of the content of memory. Practice verbal techniques and provide options to safety enable the affective bridge needed to transmit proof of safety to the 95% subconscious mind that holds the memory. Apply grounding techniques to enable the gentle integration of traumatic experiences into present time awareness where safety can be established and confirmed. Become informed on how to use clean language skills, voice modulation, breathing techniques for integrating proof of safety, and grounding exercises to enable the integration of the changes that can occur by releasing trauma from the body-mind.

Level Two
Recognize and address more complex, reinforced patterns of stress, anxiety, and trauma imprinting. When trauma is reinforced over time or becomes repetitive, the holographic nature of memory results in a blurring and accumulation of experiences that imprint in an archetypal or collective manner in the subconscious mind. These accumulations of overwhelming moments (parts, subpersonalities) enable you to consolidate pain and enable broader interventions to address entire patterns of trauma and abuse from you or your client's history. While learning to enhance safety, you can bring additional resources to bear that support reparenting and the development of skills that enable the reframing of repetitive pattern-level trauma. Gain an understanding of the impact of complex PTSD, cultural trauma, disease patterns, subconscious family role assignments, addictions, and many other forms of trauma imprinting. Both professionals and non-professionals alike can benefit from this level of training.

HMR has been used in the reframing of more than 150,000 memories and reveals patterns of illness and pathways for resolution by changing the psychopathology model. By learning to honor and speak to your body-mind correctly, HMR will frequently map and reveal patterns of distortion in consciousness that both led to illness and, when used in a timely manner, can light a path toward healing and a reduction of the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental distress created by trauma. Additional exercises and interventions have been developed to assist you in addressing this deeper level of trauma.

Because of the current situation with the novel coronavirus, this course is only available on Zoom. You will be emailed a Zoom link closer to the time of the class. There will be a morning and afternoon break and a 90-minute lunch break.

Course 211124 CEUs available
Date  Level One, Sat. Feb. 27 and Sun., Feb. 28
Course 211125 CEUs available
Date  Level Two, Prerequisite: Level One training, Sat. April 24 and Sun., April 25
Time  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Cost  $265/250 payment 10 days in advance

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