Holistic Health

Accessing the Body’s Innate Resources with The Rediscovery Journey TM and The TARA Approach

With Peter Heard
Human energetic pathways contains the resources to heal itself in unimaginable ways.

Ayurveda and Science for Optimum Health

With Maryann Beckman-Berman
Ayurveda is a system of medicine. It approaches health based on a continuum of your whole self.

Expressive Writing for Emotional Healing with Christine Wolf

With Christine Wolf
Processing the experiences of overwhelm, trauma, or other difficulties in healthy ways is important for your wellbeing.

Holistic Wellness & Self Care

With Geraldine Macenski
When you take care of your skin, you nurture your entire body.

Home Facial

With Geraldine Macenski
Much more than a luxury, home skincare treatments are an essential component of wellbeing and self-love practices.

Intro to Managing Anxiety

With Sarah Misson
Finding effective ways to handle stress and anxiety can be daunting, especially in the moment.

Rediscovery journey and the Tara Approach

With Peter Heard
Blend Eastern and Western techniques for healing based on modern neuroscience.

Taming the “Dragon” of Stress & Anxiety

With Sarah Misson
Experiencing stress and anxiety can feel overwhelming and threaten to consume you—just like a dragon.

The Innate Wisdom of the Body

With Inna Segal
Embark on a transformative journey to uncover the secrets to healing your body.

Stem Cells & Natural Repair

With Christian Drapeau
Stem cells are globally recognized for having exceptional regenerative properties.