Holistic Health

Energy Wellness for Caregivers

With Teresa Bruni
Caregiving is one of the most essential, yet challenging roles you can perform.

Essential Oils of the Ancient Scriptures

With Karin Opitz-Kreher
Essential oils have been an integral part of the daily lives of people for thousands of years.

Signature Cell Healing

With Thea Boven
Find out how to heal yourself through the God-cell or the signature cell in the pineal gland.

Using Spiritual Hypnosis

With Randi Light
Activate and strengthen neural pathways to access higher consciousness with spiritual hypnosis.

Body-Mind Connections Using Somatics

With Alaria Godwin
Somatics is any practice that uses the mind-body connection to help you survey your internal Self and listen to signals your body sends about areas of pain, discomfort, or imbalance.

Holistic Living

With Rodney Dodson
Holistic living, along with natural wellness, is a lifestyle that improves your health and well-being.

Improving the Health of Teeth and Gums

With Karin Opitz-Kreher
Essential oils can be used for vitality and health of your teeth and gums, which also supports the holistic health of your body.

Medicinal & Magical Benefits of an Herbal Garden

With Rachael Cohen
Your herbal garden can be more than a food source.

Pain Through a Biopsychosocial Lens

With Jonathan Knipping
A biopsychosocial approach to pain focuses on the biology or physiology underlying health that includes the psychology of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors influĀ­ence health.