Holistic Health

Biofield Sound Tuning

With Eileen Day McKusick
Most people are not aware of the fact they have an electrical system.

Ayurvedic Gut & Brain Connection

With Swati Mhaske
Emotions have a dramatic influence on the gut and can influence everything from digestion to absorption.

Hypnosis for Everyday Uses

With Renee Lenore Oswald
Hypnosis is a natural state of physical relaxation and mental focus during which your conscious mind is bypassed so that your subconscious can receive positive suggestions to help you achieve your goals.

Methods for Discharging Trauma

With Anjali Brannon
You do not need to revisit or relive trauma in order to ease its effects on you.

Neuroplasticity Made Simple

With Rebecca J Robbins
All of your life events are stored inside your brain, in your vast subconscious, and used as a resource for you in your life.

Transformative Menopause

With Marla Privitera
Menopause comes with a set of mixed messages, symptoms, and uncertainty.

Culinary Reiki

With Mecca Perry
Food is more than just calories and nutrients when you infuse it with energy and love.