Holistic Health

Homeopathic ‘How-to’

With Ashley D’Adam
Homeopathy works with your body to address underlying causes that impede your health and energy systems.

Neuroplasticity & the Metamorphic Mind

With Rebecca Robbins
Your beliefs are not a fixed part of your identity.

Rediscovery Journey and the Tara Approach

With Peter Heard
Blend Eastern and Western techniques for healing based on modern neuroscience.

Science of Breathwork

With Ashley D’Adam
Unlock the transformative power of your breath while exploring the science and energetics behind breathwork practices.

Taming the “Dragon” of Stress & Anxiety

With Sarah Misson
Experiencing stress and anxiety can feel overwhelming and threaten to consume you—just like a dragon.

Intro to Face Yoga

With Nicole McGrath
Naturally lift and firm your face through the gentle yet highly effective practice of face yoga.