Holistic Health

Ayurvedic Rituals for Wellness

With Iva Drtina-Hall
Ayurveda relies on a comprehensive, personalized therapeutic program that includes diet, sleep, an affirmative disposition, and physical and mental exercises to promote an extraordinary life.

Biohacking Digestive Gut Health

With Cresencia Felty
Your gut is a reflection of the harmony within your body.

Improving health with Plant Medicine

With Teri Chochrane
Tailor your diet and lifestyle to your body’s unique genetic blueprint and current state of health for a vibrant relationship with food and a new outlook on health.

Inner Wisdom of The Wellwoman Code

With Lindsay Goodwin
Step into your Divine feminine healing energy and experience your vibrancy, abundance, radiant, and Divine power.

Neuroplasticity Made Simple

With Rebecca J Robbins
All of your life events are stored inside your brain, in your vast subconscious, and used as resources for you and your life.

Seeing Fine Print Clearly without Glasses

With Mimi Shekoski
Suddenly, after you turn 40, 45, or 50, you cannot read the restaurant menus or small print.

The Spiritual Heart

With Bruno Cortis
Every feeling and emotion affects your heart.

Holistic Living

With Rodney Dodson
Holistic living, along with natural wellness, is a lifestyle that improves your health and well-being.

Medicinal & Magical Benefits of an Herbal Garden

With Rachael Cohen
Your herbal garden can be more than a food source.

Nourishing the Body and Mind

With Marilù Mengoni
Eat properly and overcome blocks and fear of change.

Using Ear Acupressure Points for Healing

With Amy R Wolf
Ear acupressure is a self-helping tool you can use for acute problems or even chronic pain relief.