Holistic Health

Radical Self-Care Using Herbs

With Robin Rose Bennett
Find out how the mysterious nervous system holds the ultimate key to your health.

Ayurvedic Self-care

With Swati Mkaske
Ayurveda is India’s ancient holistic medicine system.

Easing Allergic Reactions

With Cresencia Felty
Seasonal allergies such as a congested nose, itchy eyes, runny eyes, itchy skin, or sinus headaches can be hard to manage.

Gain Without Pain

With Greg Hammer
GAIN is an acronym for the four pillars of happiness: gratitude, acceptance, intention, and nonjudgment.

Incorporating Exotic Essential Oils

With Candice Covington
Skillfully utilize five exotic essential oils—argarwood, betel leaf, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, and massoia bark—to find out how to use these to influence your personal elemental arrangement.

Intro to Radiant Rest

With Tracee Stanley
Discover a path to deep relaxation and freedom using yoga nidra.

Natural Face Lift

With Nicole McGrath
Discover how to naturally lift and firm the face with face yoga, a gentle, yet highly effective practice.

Release of Unresolved Grief Using EFT

With Tom Masbaum
This past COVID-19 year, grief has affected most people with loss—loss of life as you knew it, job, or loved one.