Healing with the Power of Light

The first creation of the Divine was Light. It was the first matter—or energy, which means that you are essentially surrounded by, and also made of, Light.
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The first creation of the Divine was Light. It was the first matter—or energy, which means that you are essentially surrounded by, and also made of, Light. There are actually three major types of Light in this universe: absolute, virtual, and polarity. Each one can be applied to produce specific and powerful effects.

Join Dale, internationally renowned author, healer, and intuitive consultant on a unique adventure into cosmology, science, and subtle wisdom. Her engaging, fun, hands-on teaching style anchors information and practices into a comprehensive approach to expand your healing practice for yourself or others. Dale’s expert knowledge base about energy, healing, and the cosmos is exceptional and provides profound teachings and application for your journey into using the Light for healing.

Become informed, practice, and apply the three kinds of Light for healing, manifesting, and empowering your life on all levels that include:

Absolute Light: Research shows that you are made of light. Researchers have discovered that DNA itself is a storehouse of biophoton emissions or light. Advanced organisms emanate more DNA photons than do less evolved organisms. It appears that the zero-point field plays a major role in originating and interacting with this internal light. Disease occurs when the body interjects too much or too little light from the field. The universe is essentially surrounded by—and produced from—light, and so is your body. Apply it to activate and direct spiritual qualities and illuminate your soul’s purpose.

Virtual Light: Many scientists speculate that we exist within a great field of light. Researchers have shown that a zero-point field encompasses the material world. The zero-point is a field of light that looks like a vacuum but is really a sea of electromagnetic energy, quite possibly speckled with virtual particles, units of matter that are currently not real but can become so, such as when they are perceived. There is always light, no matter how dark reality appears to be. These discoveries suggest that not only are you encompassed by a field of light, but that light holds everything you might need—that you can access it for your well-being. Redesign your belief system and free yourself from regrets, resentments, and dysfunctional energies using virtual light.

Polarity Light: Most of our universe, which is continually expanding, is composed of polarity light. This is the stuff of classical physics because every charged wave or particle is bound to its opposite charge. For instance, an electron (negatively charged) is always linked to a positron (positively charged). Matter is connected to anti matter and vice versa. Managing your relationship to polarity light reveals your essential quest as a human being. Typical medical and therapeutic care involves working with polarity light—balancing negative and positive by using hands-on methods, surgery, medicines, affirmations, and other mind-body tools to create an optimum balance.

Find out how to use virtual light to help create new thoughts, attitudes, approaches, and possibilities. Practice accessing absolute light to formulate an alignment with your higher self and Oneness, by whatever name you use to connect with the Divine. This link to the absolute enables you to receive spiritual qualities that can shape both virtual and polarity light.

Gain a cosmological viewpoint of all three lights and be shown how each materializes through the subtle energies and the physical body. Dale will demonstrate techniques for accessing each of these powerful, universal lights. After practicing these processes in breakout rooms, you can light up your world—and the whole  world.

Course 202169 
Recordings are on three videos, approximate total time is 10 hours
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