Gaining Freedom with Forgiveness

Gain more inner peace and feel more energized through the process of forgiveness.
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Gain more inner peace and feel more energized through the process of forgiveness.  Held anger, fear, and resentment drain your vitality.  When you forgive the world—including yourself—you become lighter, less fearful, and healthier.

Forgiveness is different from saying, “I was wrong and you were right.”  It is different from letting someone off the hook for a perceived wrong deed. It is simply a way of freeing your spirit and becoming an unlimited human being.

Use a simple but straightforward forgiveness process to release the past to regain living happily in the present moment.

This single exercise can immediately transform your life in powerfully positive ways and is a step to gain freedom through forgiveness.

Course 203131
Time 2 Hour Recording
Cost  $20, No refunds

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