Energy Healing

Energy Medicine for Women - 241109

With Devi Stern
Energy Medicine for Women incorporates the work of Donna Eden, Ellen Meredith, and others to address practical and simple ways to balance and control energies that affect your mood swings, memory loss and brain scramble, weight control, libido, PMS, bone health, and insomnia.

Activating the Primal Core Energy

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Your core self is pure cosmic energy, and its primal power is the same Divine energy that fills the universe.

Alchemy, Clutter, and The Inner Oracle

With Denise Linn
Discover how clearing clutter, including time and relationship clutter, can open mystical portals in your life.

Celestial Wishing Tree of the Heart Chakra

With Cyndi Dale
Your heart chakra is the gateway to higher dimensions, and ultimately, the embodiment of your essence.

Deactivate the Auto-Pilot Energy Fence

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Different energies affect your mental clarity that can limit your ability to know your own truth and deeper spiritual identity.

Healing with the Power of the Dragon

With Eliza Meeker
2024 is the Chinese year of the extraordinary Wood Dragon.

Kundalini Yoga

With Puranpreet Kaur Fiore
In each of us dwells a powerful creative energy that typically lies dormant at the base of the spine.

Plugging Energy Leaks for Empowerment

With Lily Rae Kubly
Think of your daily energy as a type of currency that flows from you and to you.

Sound Keys for Angelic Connection

With Jill Mattson
There may be times when you feel you have lost your power and energy from higher incarnations.