Energy Healing

Using Light Language

With Ana Roussev
Light language is a celestial system of communication and expression of energy massages and healing.

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

With Rene Whitlock
Turn everyday ingredients found in your kitchen into eco-friendly, body care products to balance and cleanse the seven chakras.

Upper Chakra Expansion

With Frani Rubens
Chakras are vortices of light which establish a path of awakening consciousness.

Alsemia Energy Healing

With Magalena Duch
The Alsemia group healing experience is often extremely rich in sensations and leads to deep healing.

Awakening to Spiritual Vision

With Dougall Fraser
Energy within and around you and others constantly changes. It can be harnessed and changed to assist your well-being.

Goddess Crystal Energy Tools

With Billie Topa Tate
The power of the goddess is launched by wonderful knowledge of all her energetic tools.

Healing Energies of Houseplants

With Rachael Cohen
Gain meaningful connections with your houseplants.