Creating a Vision Board

The Fall equinox is a time to take stock, to draw inward, and seek clarity in the longer days ahead.
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The Fall equinox is a time to take stock, to draw inward, and seek clarity in the longer days ahead. Create a vision board for this season of going inward. Before creating your vision board, gain purpose through a guided meditation for self-reflection and clarity. Use journaling prompts to help set intentions.

Create your own personal viĀ­sion board, a road map of all you wish to manifest in this season.

Vision boards, more than anything else, offer you a strong visualization of the future you want. A good vision board can provide you with picture symbols of what you want to manifest in your life. That is the real power behind it. Visualization is a key tool for manifestation.

Being able to see a reminder of what you want in your near, immediate, and distant future can motivate and push you to work toward your goals. Even on a base level, hanging a vision board above your desk can give you a small nudge to work towards your dreams bit by bit each day.

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Course 222149 | Live
Date Tuesday, September 20
Time 7:00 - 9:00 PM CST
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