Connecting to the Wood-Wide Web

With Atala Dorothy Toy
Cycles of time and frequency express themselves throughout nature’s seasons.

Embracing Divine Feminine Energy

With Aline Hanle
Divine feminine energy is essential for creativity, spaciousness,

Gong Bath™: Finding Sanctuary

With Richard Rudis
Find an inner sanctuary as you absorb special sound frequencies, harmonics, and overtones of the Gong Bath™.

Intro to Energy Healing with Animals

With Anna Marie Ellison
Explore energy healing with animals and perceive how it differs from human energy.

intro to Enneagram

With Rosemary Hurwitz
Discover new insights into how you live and relate to others.

Keys to Elevated Happiness

With Lisa McCourt with Victoria Shaw
Joy is who you are when you are living from your truest inner essence, not an elusive fantasy to be chased.

Light Body Cosmic Travel

With Nesho Dobras
Activate the sacred geometry of and around your light body to travel to the cosmos and receive specific activations relevant to collective and individual frequencies.

Love & Light Drumming Circle

With John Yost
This fun drumming experience is part drum/ percussion instruction and part drum circle.

Shamanic Healing Circle

With Daniel R. Wolf
Gather in a healing circle for a shamanic ceremony, filled with music, healing, and personalized messages for you from Spirit.

Shamanic Practices to Build Relationships

With Joan Levergood
Experience shamanic practices that build and deepen relationships with your personal guides and helping spirits.

Sound Healing Ceremony

With Diana Kushenbach
Experience the higher Light and healing created with the combination of five gongs, crystal singing bowls, theta bowls,

Sound Meditation with Singing Bowls & Gongs

With Jay Taylor
Experience a gong sound healing that also helps your brain reach deep relaxation.

Gentle Stretching for Flexibility

With Amy Pena
No matter your age, stretching is incredibly important. Gently work your entire body, open energy pathways, stimulate the nervous system, increase range of motion, and create functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences.

Create Intentions for Manifesting

With Laurene Camacho
When you set specific intentions and use them, you can manifest results.

Mediumship Readings and Insights

With Suzane Northrop
Bridge the gap between the world of the living and the spiritual world where the departed reside.

26th Anniversary Gala SOLD OUT

With Infinity Foundation
Andrew Harvey, 2023 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award recipient

VIP Meet & Greet with Andrew Harvey

With Andrew Harvey
Gala registration required to attend Meet & Greet

Healing with Forest Energy

With Alyse Rynor
Take a break from the stresses of urban living to experience forest bathing, a relational practice that invites you to slow down and immerse yourself in the energy, sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.

Mother Gaia Gardening Field Trip

With Ana Roussev
Connect to earth, let go of stress, and refresh your inner energy with an experiential day in the garden.

Peaceful Sound Healing

With Marian McNair
Bask in the sounds of crystal bowls blending with vocals designed to induce a sense of deep peace.

Akashic Records Certification

With Christine Zenino
The Akashic records are more accessible to you at this time of mass spiritual awakening and evolution.

Binaural Beats & Consciousness Experiential

With Amara Honeck
BodyTalk is a revolutionary art of consciousness-based medicine that can be used by a layperson or a professional.

BodyTalk Access Certification Training

With Elzabieta Kosmicki
BodyTalk is a revolutionary art of consciousness-based medicine that can be used by a layperson or a professional.

Healing with Forest Energy

With Alyse Rynor
Take a break from the stresses of urban living to experience forest bathing, a relational practice that invites you to slow down and immerse yourself in the energy, sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.

Past Life Regression Training for Mental Health Professionals

With Susan Wisehart
There is an explosive interest in regression therapy and spiritual psychotherapy.

ThetaHealing® Basic Certification Training

With Christine Sonnen
ThetaHealing® offers a technique to change beliefs and heal on all levels, in all of your bodies.

Drawing a Heart Mandala for Kids

With Cheryl Rausch
You have a beautiful power within and it resides in your heart.

Ninja Warrior Kids’ Yoga

With Stephanie Bersh
Preparing young minds to enter a great world filled with opportunities can present challenges during the summer months.

Supporting A child’s Intuitive Growth

With Eva Goulette
Discover simple and effective tools and techniques to help your kids connect to their inner wisdom and trust their intuition.

Tai Chi

With Yvonne Czarniak
Tai chi is an ancient Chinese health exercise that promotes your vitality, structural balance, mental balance, strength and longevity.

Guided Spiritual Meditation

With Nancy Grace Marder
Find inner peace, calm, and relaxation through guided spiritual meditation.

Guided Spiritual Meditation

With Nancy Grace Marder
Find inner peace, calm, and relaxation through guided spiritual meditation.

Guided Spiritual Meditation

With Nancy Grace Marder
Find inner peace, calm, and relaxation through guided spiritual meditation.

Opening Psychic Senses

With Lisa Campion
Psychic senses are open channels through which you receive intuitive and psychic information.

Sensing and Interpreting Clairsentience

With Laurene Camacho
Clairsentience is one of the seven clairs used to receive intuitive information and guidance from angels, guides and Divine Source energy.

Trusting Intuition

With Victoria Shaw
Intuition is your spiritual GPS that guides you toward a purposeful, joyous, and inspiring life.

Mystical Revelations of Angel Messages

With Normandi Ellis
Angels are messengers and Beings of Light consciousness, part of the universal life force that connects all beings.


With Lisa Rude
Nia is a combination of dance, martial arts, and mindfulness that tones your body while transforming your mind.

Self-healing with A Course in Miracles

With Paul Zavagno
A Course in Miracles (ACIM) by Helen Schuchman describes healing as a miracle.

Energy Medicine for Women - Four Week Course

With Devi Stern
Energy Medicine for Women incorporates the work of Donna Eden, Ellen Meredith, and others to address practical and simple ways to balance and control energies that affect your mood swings, memory loss, brain scramble, weight control, libido, PMS, bone health, and insomnia.

Exploring Deep Relaxation with Yoga

With Stephanie Bersh
Enjoy a gentle, yet transformative, somatic experience through an explorative yoga practice.

Move & Feel Better with Feldenkrais

With Lavinia Plonka
How you move your body is how you move through life. You are always in movement.

Reclaiming Body & Soul

With Maureen Zwierzynski
Ceremony conveys messages between your innermost being and your conscious self in ways ordinary words cannot express.

Creating Harmonious Coherence

With Pallas Dame
Create coherence between your heart and your brain to enable it to effectively manage your body’s physiological and biological processes.

Making Vibrational Adjustments

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Everything is made of vibrations.

Shamanic Practices & Spiritual Protection

With Daniel R. Wolf
Indigenous spiritual protection and cleansing is the oldest form of spiritual hygiene.

Ayurveda and Science for Optimum Health

With Maryann Beckman-Berman
Ayurveda is a system of medicine. It approaches health based on a continuum of your whole self.

Balancing Hormonal Health

With Naomi Smith
The endocrine system, also known as the hormonal system, is very sensitive to stressors in the modern-day world.

Healing Codes for Mind-body Wellbeing

With Marnie Vincolisi
In this fast-paced world, a lengthy process to obtain the healing you need may be impractical.

Infinite Power through Body Awareness

With Yana German
You do not need to revisit or relive trauma in order to ease its effects on you.

Methods for Discharging Trauma

With Anjali Brannon
You do not need to revisit or relive trauma in order to ease its effects on you.

Rethinking Long Covid

With Vir McCoy
Scientists are still challenged by the ongoing effects of symptoms of Long COVID.

Somatic Translations

With Alaria Godwin
Deciphering messages from your physical body takes practice, even though it speaks to you all the time.

Techniques for Ending Pain

With Chuck Duff
Western medicine views pain as a sign of something broken that needs fixing or some manifestation of injury or disease—an inevitable consequence of damaged tissues.

Rediscovering the Mind-Body Connection

With Erica Hornthal
You might be familiar with the idea of the mind-body connection, yet it can feel difficult to access.

Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

With Rebecca Jeffers
After childbirth or with age, you may notice changes in your pelvic floor muscles.

Spring Ceremonial Journey

With Mara Branscombe
Join Mara Branscombe in a ceremonial journey that explores mind-body practices and tools for personal transformation, while strengthening a sense of purpose and connection to yourself and others.

Accelerated Learning Techniques

With Christian Drapeau
Regardless of how old you are, learning new material can seem daunting, especially in the age of technology.

Accessing Flow with Feng Shui

With Bill Schwingel
Feng shui is the Chinese system of arranging space according to natural energy flows.

Ancient Empowerment Strategies

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Employ aspects of three ancient strategies, Buddhism, Stoicism, and Taoism with empowered relevancy for your life challenges today.

Attracting Joyful Relationships

With Lisa McCourt & Rob Mack
Love and joy are inextricably connected because they both describe your core essence.

Energetic Self-Alignment

With Joel Bruce Wallach
This three-part series covers self-talk alignment to bring yourself into better balance, spinal energy alignment for subtle energy body balancing, and higher reality alignment to choose and embody realities.

Intro to Akashic Records

With Christine Zenino
The Akashic records are an energetic imprint of your entire soul’s journey including the past, present, and future.

Intro to Tarot Card Reading

With Theresa Reed
Change is inevitable.

Love is Everything

With Andrew Harvey
Expand your meaning of love into a radiant form of heart-opening expression.

Mechanics of Human Design

With Danielle Rodenroth
You already possess inner knowledge about the purpose of your existence.

Relating Chakras to Developmental Stages

With Stephanie Meis
Your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual symptoms are golden opportunities.

Sanctuary of the Heart

With Sarah McLean
The sanctuary of the heart is an intimate personal retreat guided by popular Hay House author, McLean.

Shamanic Journey for Psychic Development

With Nabeel Redwood
Shamanic journeying is the art of using altered states of consciousness to explore the non-ordinary realms of the subconscious and super-conscious mind.

Spiritual Numerology

With Jules Bowery
Numerology is more than a form of chance divination.

Synchronicities Reveal Destiny

With Frani Rubens
Synchronicity is the inherent nature of living in concert with your destiny.

The Science of Sound Healing

With Marian McNair
Discover the scientific underpinnings of sound healing with crystal bowls and vocals that resonate and create coherence in you.

Becoming a Kindness "Gangsta"

With Patrice Webb
When evolving into your best self, your mind is often the main struggle as you begin to change your behavior.

Care and Support for Highly Sensitive People

With Sandra Carey
Cultural awareness of neurodiverse and highly sensitive people is growing.

Cultivating Radiance with Color Palettes

With Jennifer Butler
You have a unique pigmentation and color scheme that helps you look and feel your best.

Divine Unity Using the Universal Grid

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Mystical reality encompasses everything: you, humanity, the universe, and all dimensions from the mundane to the highest Divine vibrations.

Emotional Release without Words

With Claire Weber
Emotional build-up does not necessarily need to be resolved through talking or therapy.

Flight of the Dragons

With Angelo Thomas
Chosen by the angels to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth, spiritual beings known as dragons are here to assist you in your daily life and the ascension process.

Harmonizing Inner Alchemy

With Aline Hanle
Create a life filled with balance, stability and joy. Discern the divine masculine and divine feminine qualities within yourself.

Healing Group Trauma

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Widespread events experienced by society can create collective traumas you carry individually and as part of that society.

Inner Critic Healing

With Joel Bruce Wallach
Your inner critic is the analytical voice inside that tells you what you consider is wrong.

Intro to Human Design

With Danielle Rodenroth
Begin your journey into Human Design, a sophisticated way of unlocking your consciousness.

Intro to the MAP Method™

With Shanthi Nadesalingam
Discover how your Superconscious can neutralize a stressful event using the MAP Method™

Maneuvering a Changing World

With Elizabeth-Anne Stewart
From the 1980’s until the onset of COVID-19, technological advances were faster than the speed of light and the world changed, seemingly overnight.

Mystery of Ascension

With Hazel Archer-Ginsberg
The longing of the human soul strives to move into ascension, which attunes all of life for cosmic expanse.

Pleasure Alchemy

With Tony Holmes
Pleasure alchemy is the art, science, and practice of radical healing through pleasure practices.

Re-Membering Women’s Spiritual Leadership

With Women of Spirit and Faith - Kathe Schaaf, Kay Lindahl, and Kate Twomey
Healing old wounds and activating spiritual resilience in yourself and your communities.

Seven Karma Codes

With Suzy Singh
Seven secret codes underpin the operation of karmic law.

Shifting Into Wholeness

With Amy Doublet
Tame feelings of worthlessness or inadequacy by understanding root causes that initiate them.

Success Mindset

With Michelle Dillard
In order to improve the quality of your life, you must first improve the quality of your thinking.

The Joy of being Gaian

With Michael Lindfield
The evolution of human consciousness can be viewed as a continuous, ever-expanding spiral journey that can provide progressive entry into greater states of wholeness, inclusiveness, and identity.

Thriving Through Challenges

With Angela DeSalvo
Being human has its challenges.

Connecting with Animal Spirit Guides

With Joan Forest Mage
Connect and commune with your animal spirit guides through shamanic journeying and meditation.

Embracing the Art of Change

With Nancy Levin
Evolution and growth take planing, process, and practice.

Navigating Lucid Dreams and Astral Dimensions

With Von Braschler
Find out how to program meaningful and insightful lucid dreams of discovery beyond time and space during daydreams or sleep time.

Unconditional Love

With Linda Jackson
Significant relationships and/or spiritual communities can be sources of unconditional love, acceptance, belonging, and connection.