Cleanse & Clear Controlling Energies

Objective empowerment requires seeing both positive and negative inputs.
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Objective empowerment requires seeing both positive and negative inputs. When you cleanse and clear yourself, you become liberated from the effects of negative controlling energies.

Ideally, you align with Divine source and your own soul. However, negative entities, who believe they are planetary controllers, can create disruptive and limiting energy patterns or grids. They can place these grids around the planet or personal auras that may affect you. Discover how to:

  1. Scan for negative controlling entities
  2. Cleanse negative energies from the body and aura
  3. Re-connect with highest Divine consciousness
  4. Lessen the effect of controlling entities on the planet

Find ways to rebuild your body and aura energies. Practice reconnecting with your soul and with the Divine. Contribute to a more positive planetary experience by helping to lessen the controlling forces on Earth.

Course 233132 | Zoom
Recording Date Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Time Two Hours
Cost $18.00 No Refunds

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