Brent Baum

STB, SSL, LISAC, CADC, CCH is an author, teacher, and trauma specialist with interdisciplinary training in trauma, addictions, and spirituality. He is the developer of Holographic Memory Resolution.

Mindful Living Amidst Trauma

With Brent Baum
The impact of COVID-19 stress—along with everyday kind of stress—is traumatic to the body, mind, and emotions.

Releasing the Aftermath of Trauma

With Brent Baum
Gain an appreciation for the abundant resources you hold for enhancing your resiliency during the intense evolutionary shifts occurring in the trauma school on Earth.

The Impact of Trauma

With Brent Baum
FREE: Join Brent Baum who has worked with more than 30,000 trauma survivors, including the survivors of Oklahoma City Bombing and September 11th. The trauma of the mass shooting has a physical, mental, and emotional impact on you. Discover techniques to help release trauma and develop coping mechanisms to work through and rise above this overwhelming, heart-rending experience.