Authentic Living with Feng Shui

Create sacred space in your home and attract the energy you want into your life.
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Create sacred space in your home and attract the energy you want into your life. Apply proven and powerful feng shui solutions to your home. Improve the flow of energy, or Chi, to support an authentic life.

Connect with your soul’s purpose and empower yourself to follow your life path by removing your internal and external blocks.

Participate in guided journeys to connect deeply deeply with your inner messengers. Use your connections to identify changes you can make to overcome hurdles that hold you back in life.

Experience several methods to delve into your consciousness such as, Instinctive FengShui™, Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™, and Soul Coaching® to facilitate your deepseated dreams and true wishes.

PART 1 Be introduced to Soul Coaching® methods that not only connect you with what your soul yearns for, but also methods for staying open to those messages.
PART 2 Discover techniques to clear stagnant or unwanted energies within your home using several tools, such as drums, feathers, bells, and singing bowls.
PART 3 Apply the feng shui map concepts to your dwelling. Connect and align the areas of your home to areas of your life such as, relationships, abundance, and career.

Leverage feng shui cures to resolve energetic blockages in your home.

Bring a notebook for journaling to each class. Use practical application practices at home to reinforce the ideas discussed during class and prepare for the following sessions.

Maximize the opportunity to connect with other class members through a private Facebook group. Interact with the instructor directly during office hours each week to ask questions and share your progress.

Reconnect with your inner yearnings and maximize feng shui concepts to live life authentically from your genuine and uniquely amazing soul.

Course 233167 | Live | Zoom | Hybrid 12 CEUs
Date Mondays, January 29, February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 4
Time 7:00 - 9:00 PM CST
Cost $135/125 payment 10 days in advance

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