Arts & Ceremonies

Bathing & Breathing in Forest Energy

With Alyse Rynor
Take a break from the stresses of urban living to experience forest bathing, a relational practice that invites you to slow down and immerse yourself in the energy, sights, sounds, and smells of the forest.

Intro to Henna: Artistry in Action

With Lakshmi Kamath
Henna is a traditional art medium that originated over 5000 years ago in some parts of Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

Sound Journey with Singing Bowls

With Jay Taylor
Soundscapes soothe your mind and body when you let go of resistance to the present moment.

Total Solar Eclipse Sound Healing

With Diana Kushenbach
Eclipses are known for their potential to shift, shape, and transform your life.

Spring Ceremonial Journey

With Mara Branscombe
Join Mara Branscombe in a ceremonial journey that explores mind-body practices and tools for personal transformation, while strengthening a sense of purpose and connection to yourself and others.

Gong Wash & Sound Healing Symphony

With Simon "Jay" Cervania
Sacred sounds of singing bowls, flute, bells, drums, handpan, and gongs transport you on a journey through sound and frequency.

Leveraging the Power of Creative Writing

With Cory Martin
Creative writing can become your portal to greater compassion and self-healing.

Light Language Experiential

With Lilly Wong
Light or cosmic language is a series of Divine holographic keys that transmits cosmic consciousness information directly to you.