Arts & Ceremonies

Gong Bath™: Finding Sanctuary

With Richard Rudis
Due to the uncertainty of these current times, Rudis has constructed special sound frequencies, harmonics, and overtones of the Gong Bathâ„¢ to create emotional balance.

Journaling with Ease

With Judith Joy
Journaling is a wonderful way to process the information in your head and create something new.

Herbal Gardening

With Ilana Marder-Eppstein
Create your own flourishing indoor herbal garden and get a head start on your spring gardening.

Taste of Indian Cooking

With Marlena Jayatilake
Join in a cooking demo to watch or cook along as you become familiar with the bold and flavorful spices of India.

Calligraphy & Peaceful Contemplation

With Karen Daughtry
Acquire the basics in stroke and technique of calligraphy. Experience the contemplative, meditative aspects of the practice of broad-nib calligraphy.

Sacred Sound Healing Techniques

With Richard Rudis
The gong and Himalayan bowls are sacred sound instruments used for healing, meditation, and the exploration of consciousness.