Arts & Ceremonies

Shamanic Autumn Equinox Ceremony

With Simon Jay
Join in a ceremony of balance and rebirth to celebrate the autumn equinox.

Zen Tea Ceremony

With Yvonne Wolf
Experience the Zen of tea.

Sound Healing Immersion

With John Yost and Jitka Yost
Take a journey into a deep meditative and healing state of awareness.

Writing to Awaken with Mark Matousek

With Mark Matousek
Experience transformational writing as a path to self-knowledge.

Gong Bath™: Finding Sanctuary

With Richard Rudis
Due to the uncertainty of these current times, Rudis has constructed special sound frequencies, harmonics, and overtones of the Gong Bathâ„¢ to create emotional balance.

Sound Healing for Chakras with Dean & Dudley Evenson

With Dean & Dudley Evenson
Strengthen, balance, and energize your chakras with an amazing sound healing experience. Take a meditative journey through each of the seven major chakras as you make vocal tones associated with each one.

Journaling with Ease

With Judith Joy
Journaling is a wonderful way to process the information in your head and create something new.

Creating Mystical Art

With Lori Daniel Falk
Integrate consciousness raising with creative artful expression and discover what your heart and soul reveal to you.