Aline Hanle

is a soul strategist, spiritual guide, and mindfulness teacher. She is the creator of Cosmic Compass Game. She is Course Developer for Infinity Foundation.

Engendering Self-Love

With Aline Hanle
Engendering self-love is one of the most important inner resources you can achieve.

Intuitive Practices with Playfulness

With Aline Hanle
Developing intuitive skills can actually be playful and engaging.

Mapping Soul Purpose

With Aline Hanle
The Intuitive Blueprint© is simultaneously a tool, process, powerful map, and compass for strengthening your mindset.

Opening to Intuition

With Aline Hanle
When you make a decision but have a funny feeling in your gut, you may question if it is the right decision.

Wisdom of Balancing Lower Chakras

With Aline Hanle
Use a refreshing approach to effortlessly manage your lower chakras, essential in manifesting all of your experiences of passion, creativity, and harmony with others.