Activating Energetic & Empowering Pathways

World changes have left all of us stressed—but also ready to propel forward to (finally) become the deep, soulful, extraordinarily, and mystically talented essence that you are and deserve to be.
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World changes have left all of us stressed—but also ready to propel forward to (finally) become the deep, soulful, extraordinarily, and mystically talented essence that you are and deserve to be. Given today’s intense polarized world, it is especially important to activate positive empowering energies that can provide you with quick and easy support. Find out how to claim and direct three types of supernatural resources to promote health that is healing and transformative.

Join Dale, bestselling author, who has written 26 books, including her recent release Advanced Chakra Healing, about energy medicine, intuition, and holistic healing for dynamic and engaging discoveries. Gain key healing tools to activate empowering energetic pathways for greater clarity, balance,inner peace, and vitality.

Once you identify specifically with the power pathway, the extraordinary becomes ordinary and the impossible starts to become possible. Long-term problems finally budge. Puzzle pieces fall into place and mastery of energy turns into a certainty, not only a potentiality.

Gain knowledge of these exciting pathway areas that offer transcendence and transformation by:

  1. Amplifying a power pathway for effective, swift, and potent change
  2. Inviting continual healing and manifesting potential
  3. Activating and accessing tools for the level of reality or the God Spot, a place within yourself that links you to the body and spirit of the Divine
  4. Connecting with the highest spiritual help, Spirit-to-Spirit, a three-step process for healing streams of grace with transformative energy flows composed of a certain type of scalar wave

Many problems are anchored in place by polarity forces, powerful energies that are either supportive or destructive. Gain protocols to use so you can perceive and switch around generative and degenerative polarity forces. Polarity forces may be the key to problems, but they are also the key healing tools. Generative polarity forces increase the function and capabilities of the energy body using them, while degenerative polarity forces inhibit the function and capabilities of the energy body. When these polarities are improperly placed within yourself, problems become entrenched. If your efforts have not brought about resolution, these forces might be improperly ordered. Find out how to switch them into the correct placement and plant new ones that can often significantly alter acute or chronic issues.

Enable healing and manifesting by streaming a primary virtue through the backside of your chakras. Virtues are beams of consciousness that upgrade your everyday life. Find out how to flow virtues of your choice through the first chakra to shift subconscious problems that resist the manifestation of crucial life needs, such as provisions of money, love, and well-being.

Experience activating the most vital Ray of Light to catalyze deep change and wisdom. The Rays of Light provide universal qualities. Specifically, the Ray of Unity dissolves the illusion of separateness so you can enjoy the fruits of love. Bring this ray through your heart chakra to illuminate your journey of love and connectedness.

Your healing gifts are an extension of intuitive abilities, which are subtle energy means of communicating. These are key for healing and manifesting for yourself and others–for receiving insight, and guidance and offering the same. They are also the means for fulfilling your unique destiny. Activate yourself on the power pathway to become refreshed and empowered. Access divine power and grace, inviting healing within yourself and joy in every area of your life. Be in the world with Light and love as your most vitalized self.

Covid-19 Protocol: CDC, state, or local recommendations will be followed. Masks are not required at this time.

Course 221180 | Live | 5 CEUs available
Date Saturday, May 14
Time 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM CST, lunch is included
Cost $140/125 payment 10 days in advance
Place Ravinia Green County Club, 1200 Saunders Rd., Riverwoods, IL 60015, Free parking

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