Accessing the Feminine in Motherpeace Tarot

Motherpeace cards, like traditional tarot cards, function as a powerful oracle for use individually or in groups.
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Motherpeace cards, like traditional tarot cards, function as a powerful oracle for use individually or in groups. Focus on the symbols and meanings of the feminine images contained in the Motherpeace cards to effectively use them as a divinatory tool in your readings and everyday experiences. Dive into the deeper feminist symbolism hidden in the Motherpeace cards, such as, yoga, shamanisim, energy healing, magic, and indigenous wisdom.

Ancient matriarchal (Goddess) civilizations and the substratum of such values and motifs run like an underground stream through most cultures. Today, feminine symbolism is most often found in “folk” art and “pagan” customs.

Acquire knowledge of the following topics:

  1. Orientation to the original Motherpeace feminine images
  2. Insights to read the cards for divination, in ritual, and for self-healing with a new-found focus
  3. Have fun with Motherpeace as a form of “sacred  play” bringing into everyday life a revised world history featuring women-centered cultures 4 Readings for others, including friends and family, perhaps (if you are a therapist) even reading professionally for clients
  4. Readings for others, including friends and family, and if you are a therapist, perhaps how to read professionally for clients

Develop an awareness of female-centered symbols and missing matriarchal history as depicted in the Motherpeace tarot images. Nurture a meaningful personal relationship with the imagery and symbolism of Motherpeace. Practice your skills interpreting symbols and find out how you can access different levels of reality by bringing to the surface intuitions, feelings, sensations, and “knowings” previously hidden from view. Unlock new perceptions and clarifications as integration and transformation takes place.

Expand critical skills needed to think like a healer, counselor, or “seer.” Apply the Motherpeace tarot as a divination and spiritual practice.

All tarot reading levels are welcome. Please purchase a deck of Motherpeace cards to use during class. The deck is available on

Recommended Texts: Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess through Myth, Art, & Tarot (Noble), & Rituals & Practices with Motherpeace Cards (Noble)

Course 241155 | Zoom | 8 CEUs available
Date Tuesdays, June 11,18, 25, July 2 Pls note these are the correct dates
Time 7:00 - 9:00 PM CST
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