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Intuitive Self-Defense

Mel Doerr

Intuitive self-defense is the early warning radar system that tells your Inner Warrior to wake up and take notice. Intuition is a powerful weapon because it skips past normal logic and has the ability to perceive patterns in collected data, compare them to what is happening in your life at the moment, and then give you an intuitive feel or sense of knowing about a situation or a person. Find out how to connect the dots and arrive at a conclusion long before your conscious mind is even aware.

Honor your intuition by letting it become a part of your decision-making process, especially when your safety or life decisions are at stake.

Your gut and intuition may be so well linked that sometimes a stomachache may be an indicator of more than bad food or the flu. Intuition can get your attention as an impression or doubt, but it often comes as a feeling somewhere in your body such as: hairs rising on the back of your neck, chills sliding down your spine, spiders of anxiety crawling across your skin, or a lack of comfort and ease around a certain person.

Strengthen your intuition radar system when it sends danger warnings. Increase your sensitivity and awareness to your environment or about the people around you.

Course 183105
Date  Monday, December 3
Time  12:30 - 2:30 PM
Cost  $35/30 payment 10 days in advance



Course #183105 $35.00

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