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February, 2019
Secrets to Tantric Intimacy 2/19/19 Spiritual Life Balancing: Support for a Spiritual Process 2/20/19 Using Essential Oils for a Chemical Free Home 2/21/19 Reboot, Rebalance, and Vision for 2019 2/22/19 Meditation Excursion Intensive 2/23/19 Movie Night: The Power of the Heart 2/26/19 Spiritual Awareness of Racial & Social Injustice 2/27/19
March, 2019
Connecting to Cosmic Realms & Star Energy 3/2/19 Advancing Intuition 3/3/19 Clutter Clearing for an Essential Life 3/4/19 Energy Medicine for Women 3/6/19, 4/24/19 Connecting to Angels 3/6/19 Using Plant Medicine for Healing 3/7/19 Infinity Family Fest 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Little Chefs 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Amazing Magic 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Music Sing-Along 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Dream Catchers 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Kung Fu Ninjas 3/9/19 Infinity Family Fest: Animal Quest 3/9/19 Creating Mandalas 3/10/19 Using Plant with Medicine Kids 3/10/19 Movie Night: The Healing Field 3/11/19 Shamanic Practices for Personal Empowerment: Connecting to Power Animals and Nature Spirits 3/12/19 Self-care for Nurturing the Gut 3/12/19 The Way of Bon Buddhism Tradition 3/13/19 Blending Exotic Teas for Wellness 3/14/19 Movie Night: Celestine Prophecy Movie Night with James Redfield Live 3/15/19 Key Insights to Living the Celestine Prophecy 3/16/19 Kirtan: Meditation and Mantra 3/17/19 Deepening Divine Connection 3/17/19 Spiritual Life Balancing: Eliminating Barriers 3/20/19 Spring Equinox Ceremony 3/20/19 Mastering Personal Energy 3/21/19
April, 2019
Nia 4/8/19 Mediumship 4/8/19 Shamanic Practices for Personal Empowerment: Receiving Guidance From Spirit Guides 4/9/19 Expansive Extended Gong Bath 4/14/19 Kindness Matters: Nurturing Empathy in Kids 4/14/19 Messages from the Universe with Automatic Writing 4/15/19 Developing Energetic Awareness 4/15/19 Tea Party for Toddlers 4/15/19 Angel Yoga 4/16/19 Women’s Healing Circle 4/16/19 Spiritual Life Balancing: Creating A Spirtual Space 4/17/19 Miracles and Blessedness 4/23/19 Energy Medicine for Women 4/24/19 Using a Pendulum and Muscle Testing 4/24/19 Movie Night: Awake the Life of Yoganada Paramahansa 4/25/19 Open Evening of Intuitive Readings 4/26/19 Manifesting a SoulMate 4/27/19 Intro to Meditation 4/28/19 Redirecting Negative Energy at Work 4/30/19
May, 2019
Improving Eyesight Naturally 5/2/19 Clear Heart: Personal Energy Clearing 5/4/19 Positively Ageless® with Hemi-Sync 5/11/19 Spiritual Life Balancing: Spiritual Protection 5/15/19 22nd Annual Anniversary Gala 5/17/19 Gala VIP Meet & Greet with Lisa Williams 5/17/19 Deepening Psychic Strengths 5/18/19 Transitions and Transformations: Thriving in the Midst of Change 5/21/19 Movie Night: Inner Worlds Outer Worlds 5/22/19
June, 2019
Intro to Cupping 6/1/19 Forest Bathing 6/1/19 Ascended Masters and the Violet Flame 6/3/19 Understanding the Uses of Medical Cannabis and CBD Oils 6/4/19 Catalyst for Spiritual Transformation 6/22/19
August, 2019
Angel Oracle Certification Training 8/3/19 Angel Oracle Reading 8/5/19 Mindful Balance for Equanimity 8/17/19
Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person

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