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February, 2016
The Divine Split & Healing Prayers Connect to God 2/9/16 Chakra Clearing Keep Chakras Clean & Balanced 2/11/16 Drumming for Fun Together Smile and Groove with the Lively Rhythmic Beats 2/12/16 Zen of Listening Listen and Be Heard 2/13/16 Inbetweeners: The Sandwich Generation Bring Balance and Loving 2/17/16 Spiritual Coaching Intensive Assist & Guide Others 2/20/16 Tai Chi 2/23/16 Guided Spiritual Meditation Enter a Deep Meditative State 2/24/16 Getting More Out of EFT: The Inner Child Connection 2/25/16 Emotional Freedom Technique Certification Training A Simple and Effective Way to Restore Health 2/27/16 Belly Dancing 2/29/16
March, 2016
Spiritual Not Religious Begin a Spiritual Journey 3/3/16 Buckets of Fun 3/5/16 Story Time 3/5/16 Exploring Critters 3/5/16 Art, Nature & Gratitude 3/5/16 Movin N Grovin 3/5/16 Yoga Stretch So Big 3/5/16 Drumming for Fun 3/5/16 Finding Your Way 3/5/16 Hydroponic Gardening The Future of Food 3/8/16 GYROKINESIS: Stretching for Flexibility 3/9/16 Energy Medicine for Women 3/9/16 Soul Currency Connect with Abundance 3/12/16 Meditation and Intention 3/13/16 Check Out Your Intuition 3/13/16 Accessing Spiritual Resonance Power of Electronic Media 3/14/16 Help Is Just a Heartbeat Away 3/15/16 Unlocking the Past, Present & Future 3/19/16 My Helpful Healing Touch 3/20/16 Spring Equinox Ceremony Plant New Ideas & Give Them Life 3/20/16
April, 2016
Ho’oponopono: The Art of Forgiveness I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. 4/4/16 Using Essential Oils Change Your Mood in Minutes 4/5/16 Using Social Media to Attract More Clients 4/7/16 Journeys to the Other Side Explore Past & Between Lives 4/9/16 Kirtan: Joyful Chanting Elevate the Spirit and Open the Heart 4/10/16 Energy Techniques 4/10/16 Your Intuitive Type 4/10/16 Zero Stress Zone Experience deep peace 4/11/16
Inner Quest
Infinity's weekly cable TV show Interviewing holistic practitioners & bestselling authors is on cable channel 19 Tuesday at 7:00 PM & Sunday at 1:00 PM

Inner Quest is broadcast in the communities of Glencoe, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Highwood, Highland Park, Deerfield, Bannockburn, Riverwoods, and Lincolnshire.

Watch Inner Quest on YouTube. There are currently two YouTube accounts, please look at both this one and this one.
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Infinity Foundation is the Chicago area's leading holistic education center. Infinity offers Courses For Life®, providing you with experiential courses in personal, professional, and spiritual growth to enhance your life.

Whether you are at the entry level to the vast world of holistic education, health and healing or seeking advanced training and certification, we are here to serve you. You are invited to attend our courses and free mini-workshops.

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Infinity Foundation Named Best Place for Lifelong Learning Classes and Best Place for Meditation.

Make Me One with Everything
Experience Inter-Meditation, Interbeing and We Meditation
Lama Surya Das


These disconnected, plugged-in—yet tuned-out times can cause a constant pull on your well-being. Becoming one with everything by seeing through separateness and solidarity is at the heart of inter-meditation. Inter-meditation means meditating with. It is the unity-yoga of convergence, connection, co-meditation, and spontaneous oneness. It is a simple joyful path to see through the illusion of separation and experience meaningful connectedness and the renowned one-taste of tantric Mahamudra and Dzogchen, the natural Great Perfection.

Join Lama Surya Das, bestselling author and recipient of the 2003 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award, in his newest work from his most recent release Make Me One with Everything: Buddhist Meditations to Awaken from the Illusion of Separation. Lama Surya Das is one of the most learned and respected Buddhist teachers in the West and he invites you to experience a remarkable integration of traditional and original inter-meditation practices that allow you to see through the illusion of separation. If you have ever felt ‘at one’ with something—your beloved or your child, a forest trail, or a favorite song—then you have experienced inter-meditation.

Through discussion, experientials, and question and answers become informed by

  1. Experiencing practical inter-meditations.
  2. Practicing tantric exercises to open portals to oneness in nature, with others, and with your higher deepest power.
  3. Moving beyond notions such as distraction and concentration or the conceptual separation between the sacred and the mundane

Meditation is usually thought of as a solitary activity that occurs solely in your own mind. By turning inward you strive to dissolve obstacles through self-inquiry and find peace through concentration, contemplation, and self-emptying. But inter-meditation (or co-meditation) is the other half of meditation. It is inclusive. Instead of getting rid of things, you embrace people, feelings, and events. Everything can be meditated. It is all grist for the mill, worthy of appreciation in its own way. Integrating the view, the bigger picture, the great perspective, with daily life is the way, not being secluded or getting away from it all. Explore inclusive meditation for both new and experienced meditators. You may bring a floor cushion for meditation. Chairs are available.


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Annual Gala Celebrating 19 Years
Your Soul is the Key

Friday, May 13, 2016

5:30 - 7:30 PM
Practitioners Fair
Silent Auction Browse & Bid
Cash Bar


8:00 PM
Elegant Dinner
Music with Rich Maisel

Presentation of the
2016 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award to Panache Desai,
Keynote Speaker

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Living a Limitless Life
Be Empowered to Awaken Fully
Panache Desai, 2016 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award Recipient


You carry immense power within you; one that when aligned with, transforms your experience from lack, limitation, and scarcity into abundance, fulfillment, and wholeness. A powerfully creative force capable of aligning you with the ability to live in a permanent state of perpetual grace enables you to access a fulfilling career, loving relationships, amplified abundance, and vibrant health.

There is a common misconception that you must go through a variety of tests, lessons, and training sessions to fully realize your true nature. This could not be further from the truth. Fully realizing your potential is not about reaching some unattainable goal nor is it about never feeling your sadness, anger, or fear again. It is in truth cultivating the ability to be at peace in the midst of your every experience.

What you long for more than anything is authentic connection. In a reality rooted in separation, you search for who you are externally only to further highlight your experience of suffering. You may compare yourself to others and criticize yourself for being different. You minimize your talents and highlight your weaknesses in order to fit in. You engage in conversations and activities that do not resonate with you to gain approval. You turn yourself inside out for scraps of love and attention wondering why, no matter how hard you try, the depth of experience that you seek remains ever illusive.

In truth you have everything that you need inside of you. All that is required to access it is an appointed moment of anointing which unlocks the peace, power, and presence that rests at your core. As you do so, source energy begins to inform every area of your life, elevating your experience out of limitation into limitlessness.


Connecting in stillness cultivates a fertile environment for personal growth. Enquiry offers an access point to releasing all that no longer serves you. Energetic activation infuses your life with truth, acceptance, love, and peace. These simple tools provide access to your true essential nature.

To be human is to fully experience life with all of its ups and downs. All that is required to access it is to relax into each moment and rest in the awareness of your breath. Join Panache Desai, bestselling author of Your Soul Signature and 2016 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award Recipient, as he guides you into living a limitless life. A greater experience of life awaits you.

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Connecting with Angels and the Afterlife
Open to Receive Gifts from Spirit
Sunny Dawn Johnston


Angels are all around you ready to grab your attention, be more connected to you, and support you in greater ways. They can offer you infinite blessings, guidance, and assistance once you recognize the amazing ability you have to form a spiritual connection in the unseen but ever-present world of Spirit.

Join psychic medium, spiritual teacher, and best-selling author of Love Never Ends, Sunny Dawn Johnston, as you step into remarkable experiences with angels and the afterlife. Your departed loved ones want nothing more than for you to feel their presence. Even as the death of a loved one seems so final, find out that the essence of that person—the love—still lives on and can be communicated directly to you. With the support of her soul musician, Kris Voelker, connect with your angels and spirit guides and discover how to communicate with your loved ones in the afterlife. Feel the incredible validation that life exists after the physical body dies and that love never ends.

  1. Tap into your own wondrous unique way of receiving messages from the Spirit world.
  2. Discover your spectacular innate ability to connect with your angels and loved ones.
  3. Gain remarkable tools to tune into the signs and signals from your angels, guides, and loved ones who have passed on that can forever enhance your life.

If you are missing someone who has passed over or just curious about what messages you might receive from the angels and the other side, join Sunny for this in-depth fascinating and transformational life-changing discovery. Gain not only the ability to connect to the other side and angels but experience profound healing and resolution, acceptance, and love in your new-found abilities to be open to receive the gifts of Spirit.

A better understanding of the support and loving guidance you receive from the unseen realms enriches your life and gives you a greater sense of joy and inner peace. Find out how to discern between the living and those who have passed, whether it be from natural causes, accidents, or suicide. This very interactive, experiential journey gives you the resources to connect with the afterlife yourself. You will have the opportunity to do some readings on others, as Sunny does some readings for some of the participants as well.

Saturday night is an optional program open only to retreat participants. It does not cover workshop material in case you are unable to stay but is in addition to the retreat. Join Sunny for an inspiring and motivating evening as she connects with the Spirit realm and receives messages and intuitive guidance for your everyday questions and concerns by offering mini readings. All attendees will have the opportunity to ask one question each; although, based on time constraints, there is no guarantee that all participants will be selected for questions.

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Achieving Enlightenment
New Perspectives Transform Relationships
Gary Renard with Cindy Lora-Renard


Attaining true peace occurs when you open yourself up to forgive yourself or others. Ascend to different spiritual levels through your own personal experiences, by practicing unconditional love and forgiveness, even in small ways, and get closer to achieving true inner peace. Strengthen your ability to see with spiritual sight to gain an incredibly useful perspective about yourself and other people.

The great spiritual teachings of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) reveal it is beyond every restriction of time and space or limits of any kind. Deeply connect with your true nature, which is immortal and fearless. Join Gary Renard, bestselling author of The Disappearance of the Universe and Love Has Forgotten No One to experience peace of mind regardless of what is going on out there on the screen called the world. Use techniques to see with spiritual sight and not make the ego real. Practice true forgiveness to help you undo the drive of your ego. Engage with Gary as he weaves his teachings with stories, humor, and profundity.

Recognize how listening and receiving practical guidance from Spirit removes limitations. Astonish yourself as you move from listening to the voice of your ego to hearing the voice of the Spirit. Specifically experience and practice true forgiveness as discussed in ACIM, using everyday examples in your life, as well as rousing exercises with others to deepen and heal ego patterns. Uplift your life personally, spiritually, and professionally by awakening to your wild truth with a sense of awe and surrender to Spirit. Use these wondrous truths to sustain yourself daily with mindfulness and complete your day with a sense of satisfaction and peace.

Discover thinking right-mindedly with forgiving thoughts that you shift your mind. As you to do so on a continuous basis, become a master of forgiveness. Relationships are where you find your most important learning opportunities. Explore special love and special hate relationships and reach a new perspective that transforms relationships into what ACIM calls Holy relationships. All relationships are important for spiritual growth, including the relationship you have with yourself. Engage in various ways to relate to yourself and other people to achieve emotional and spiritual success for more loving and peaceful relationships.

Instead of trying to change other people or the outer world, realize the intervention you hope someone else will get, is really for your upliftment. Build your spiritual house from within, where love is there to guide you with the steps to take that are in alignment with your inner efforts. Ultimately appreciating the outer picture tends to take care of itself when the inner picture is nurtured. Develop, expand, and build of trust in your inner teacher and then maintain it to a degree where you are living your life trusting rather than fearing everyday situations.

In the optional evening program, you will be guided through a deep meditation process to encourage the healing of any unresolved issues through connecting with the Divine presence, as well as music and singing by Cindy to help with integrating the material you have learned more deeply, along with time for interaction and sharing about your process. 

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Cultivating Loving Kindness
Gain an Amazing Sense of Aliveness and Empowerment with Deepened Connections
Sharon Salzberg


Enrich your life and natural capacity for an open and loving heart with loving kindness. Use this deeply meaningful and profoundly effective practice to deepen your connections with everyone—even the difficult people in your life. This practice deepens concentration, connection, fearlessness, and genuine happiness. Join Sharon Salzberg, one of the most influential meditation teachers in the West, author of Loving Kindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness and Real Love.

As you awaken your heart, you can move loving kindness into situations and relationships in your everyday life. Gain new perspectives as you pay keen attention to yourself and others with heightened awareness. When you shift and access speaking, listening, and caring for others in a new found way, kindness grows. The fruits of greater kindness are revealed in your mind, life, and community. Nurture these qualities through direct instruction and guided meditations using classical techniques in a modern idiom. There will be ample opportunity for discussion, questions, and practice of loving kindness teachings to support your own experience. Go deep into the practice and:

  1. Feel tension and stress melt off of you as you practice loving kindness.
  2. Cultivate loving kindness and feel an expansion in your heart as never before.
  3. Experience inner peace and calm and a sense of renewal using loving kindness meditations.

It is natural to consider loving kindness a secondary virtue, not a first responder. Gain an amazing sense of aliveness and empowerment with deepened connections. Cultivate kindness as the force it is, an ally of wisdom and courage. Experience time to quietly hold others in your heart and wish them well. Strengthen your sense of empathy and understanding for people and broaden your avenues of response to a problem that engenders greater creativity as you seek options to ease suffering.

This retreat is for both new and experienced meditators. Bring a cushion if you would like to sit on the floor. Chairs are provided. The Saturday night program will be questions and answers and time for loving kindness meditation.

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